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Heart and Vascular

Valve Clinic

Valve Clinic

Valve Clinic

Doylestown Health's Valve Clinic combines the expertise of cardiologists, interventionalists, surgeons and a valve clinic coordinator, providing physicians and patients with prompt assessments and advanced treatment options.

A dedicated nurse practitioner at the Valve Clinic collaborates with physicians and staff to evaluate patients, coordinate diagnostic studies and arrange for all necessary sub-specialist appointments.

Heart Valve Symptoms

Symptoms of heart valve disease or severe aortic stenosis:

  • Chest pain
  • Fatigue and shortness of breath
  • Lightheadedness or fainting
  • Difficulty when exercising

Heart Valve Conditions

Defective or diseased heart valves can make it difficult to lead an active life. For some patients, it may be life-threatening. Your heart may have to work harder or blood may back up in your lungs or body (regurgitation). Problems that affect your valves include:

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Heart Valve Treatment

You may need to have a valve repair or valve replacement if you have heart valve disease. Our Valve Clinic physicians and nurse practitioners offer the following treatments:


A dedicated nurse practitioner at the Valve Clinic collaborates with physicians and practice staff to evaluate patients, coordinate diagnostic studies and arrange subspecialist appointments. Our fellowship-trained Heart Valve Clinic experts include:

Post Care

Your Doylestown Health Valve Clinic physician and care team create a personalized plan for your heart valve recovery and goals depending on your diagnosis and condition. Treatment may range from minimally-invasive procedures with faster recovery times, to open heart surgery requiring cardiac rehabilitation after discharge. Talk with your doctor about your post care rehabilitation plan.

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