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Heart and Vascular

Convergent Maze Procedure

Convergent Maze Procedure

The convergent maze procedure is a minimally invasive surgical treatment which combines the best of electrophysiology (EP) and cardiac surgery treatments to help restore a normal heart rhythm for longtime arrhythmia sufferers, including patients with structural heart disease who may have previously failed one or more other treatments.

Doylestown Health's AFib Center is one of the few around the country to perform the convergent maze procedure for patients whose AFib is resistant to current therapies.

Benefits of the Convergent Maze Procedure

There are many benefits of having this procedure at Doylestown Hospital. They include:

  • Confirmed success immediately after the procedure
  • Electrophysiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons work together in a single setting
  • Intraoperative diagnostics
  • Lower risk of infection
  • Minimal pain
  • No chest incisions or ports
  • Short hospital stay and recovery time
  • Smaller scar

What Happens During the Convergent Maze Procedure?

The procedure uses radiofrequency ablation (focused heat) to create scar tissue in problem areas of your heart. A cardiothoracic surgeon reaches your heart via a 1-inch incision in your upper abdomen, using a video-assisted scope. This blocks the abnormal electrical signals and restores your heart's regular rhythm. The EP threads a catheter through your femoral vein, in the groin area, to reach your heart and fills in any gaps in the ablation pattern and utilize diagnostic techniques to confirm all abnormal electrical signals have been interrupted.

Who is a Good Candidate for the Convergent Maze Procedure?

Patients who have structural heart disease and have failed one or more other AFib treatments are good candidates.

Who is Not Eligible for the Convergent Maze Procedure?

Patients who have had open heart surgical ablation procedures are not eligible for The Convergent Approach. Please consult with your physician to explore your treatment options.

What is Recovery like After the Procedure?

Most patients who have undergone The Convergent Approach experience restored normal heart rhythm and no longer need to take daily heart rate and rhythm medications shortly following treatment. Typical hospital stays are two to three days.

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