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Doylestown Health supports continued proactive efforts to prevent an uncontrolled outbreak among our most vulnerable populations, including unvaccinated adults as well as children who are ineligible for vaccination at this time.

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About Hospice

About Hospice

Doylestown Health Hospice, a division of Doylestown Hospital and part of Doylestown Health, has been serving patients and families in Doylestown and the surrounding communities for more than 35 years. Our team offers a special kind of care, designed to provide sensitivity and support for patients in need of end-of-life care, when curative treatments are no longer an option. For those in need of end-of-life care, the Hospice team does not hasten nor postpone a person's death.

The Doylestown Health Hospice philosophy believes that through appropriate care, patients and families will achieve physical, mental, and spiritual preparation for death that is comforting to them.

  • Awards and Accolades

    Doylestown Health Hospice offers compassionate, supportive end-of-life care, for a patient and their family, when curative treatments are no longer an option. The award-winning team at Doylestown Health Hospice has been serving local patients and families for more than 35 years.

  • Contact Us

    If you or someone you know could benefit from our Hospice services, or for more information about our programs and services, please contact us.

  • Volunteer Opportunities

    Doylestown Health Hospice volunteers are an integral part of our team. They can aid in errands, make visits to patients and the bereaved, write notes and more.

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