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Hospice Services

Doylestown Health Hospice offers high quality care designed to provide sensitivity and support for people who are terminally ill. Our goal is to enable those in hospice care to live as fully and comfortably as possible, wherever they choose to call home.

Our Hospice team provides expert pain management and symptom-control techniques, caregiver support, and psychosocial, spiritual and bereavement support.

Hospice should be considered when life expectancy is measured in months (usually 6 months or less), and when curative treatment no longer seems appropriate.

We recommend patients and families do not wait too long to initiate Hospice care. Hospice benefits patients more if care begins in time for important care services, relationships and trust to develop.

  • Bereavement

    We provide comprehensive bereavement services including support groups and personal support for families and friends following the death of a loved one.

  • Caregiver Support

    Doylestown Health Hospice provides support for the entire family including caregivers through support groups, counseling, volunteers and more.

  • Grief Support

    Bereavement support is an essential part of the care offered by Doylestown Health Hospice. Support is available to family members and loved ones following the death of a loved one.

  • Support Services

    The Doylestown Health Hospice team provides supportive services to patients, caregivers and loved ones.

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