Cancer Screening and Diagnosis

Cancer screening promotes early detection of the disease when treatments are most effective. Routine screening can detect cancer in its earliest stages, often before someone experiences symptoms or the disease advances. The Cancer Institute uses the latest technology for cancer screening and diagnosis, including low-dose CT scans for up to 40 percent less radiation exposure. We provide patients with comprehensive educational information related to their diagnosis and schedule appointments with our highly experienced cancer specialists for follow-up tests, if needed.

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Diagnostics and Coordinated Services

We are proud to offer patients prompt service and limited wait times for appointments to develop a plan of care quickly and efficiently. When time is of the essence, our cancer specialists see patients quickly to provide second opinions on cancer diagnoses.

Patients meet with our oncology nurse navigators before scheduled tests or biopsies. Nurse navigators offer patients support during testing, provide thorough and coordinated services after tests are completed, and arrange for follow-up services and appointments, if necessary.

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Cancer Risk Evaluation Program (CREP)

Penn Medicine's Cancer Risk Evaluation Program (CREP) at Doylestown Hospital offers support, guidance and answers to individuals concerned about their hereditary risk for cancer. By participating in CREP, patients may gain an advantage for early detection, participate in research or clinical trials, or learn prevention strategies for at-risk family members. A board-certified genetic counselor and CREP physician guide patients through every step of the process.

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3T MRI with Ambient Experience

The most advanced MRI technology available, designed for patient comfort.

  • Best image quality available
  • Choose your lighting, animation and sound
  • More space
  • Faster exams

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