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Bladder Cancer Support and Survivorship

The American Cancer Society estimates that 60,000 new cases of bladder cancer are diagnosed in the United States each year. Approximately 75 percent of those cases are non-muscle invasive, which are highly treatable and potentially curable. The 5-year survival rate is estimated at 95 percent, and many patients live much longer or are cured of the disease. 

Patients who receive treatment for bladder cancer at Doylestown Health have excellent resources for follow-up medical care and support services to prevent recurrence. Our urologic cancer patient navigator continues to support patients and families after treatment by coordinating follow up screening tests and connecting patients with hospital or community-based support services.

Doylestown Hospital Resources

Cancer Support Groups

Cancer support groups present information about cancer treatment and survivorship, teach coping skills, help reduce anxiety, and overall provide a place for individuals affected by cancer to share common concerns and support one another.

Learn more about Doylestown Health-sponsored support groups

Oncology Social Work

The oncology social worker is an advocate and resource for the patient to ensure a successful experience in both the hospital and community settings. Once the patient is discharged, ongoing follow up and support is a priority to ensure the recovery process is seamless.

Contact the oncology social worker

Nutrition Services

Doylestown Health Nutrition Services offers personalized therapeutic nutrition plans for bladder cancer patients and survivors. Expert nutritionists are available to answer your questions and implement a nutrition plan that works synergistically with your treatment to manage side effects and support you throughout recovery. 

Learn more about the Nutrition Services at Doylestown Health

Cancer Support Community Greater Philadelphia

Located on site at Doylestown Hospital, Cancer Support Community (formerly Gilda's Club) offers social and emotional support to people living with any type of cancer, and to their families and friends, free of charge.

Learn more about Cancer Support Community Greater Philadelphia

Ribbons Studio

Ribbons Studio, a retail store located on site at Doylestown Hospital, offers patients and caregivers the convenience of shopping for accessories and products needed during cancer treatment or as a cancer survivor. Ribbons Studio carries a variety of wigs, head wraps, post-mastectomy garments, skin products, compression sleeves and much more.

To contact Ribbons Studio, please call 267-880-6951.

Classes and Events

We offer the flexibility of registering for classes, attending workshops or participating in events at the hospital or at convenient locations in the community.

Learn about our classes and events

Online Cancer Resources

We encourage patients and families to visit the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center site to search for clinical trials or to download the new Jefferson Clinical Trials app that allows you to quickly reference the Thomas Jefferson University clinical trials database.

Learn more about the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center

Dialogue Online: Cancer Care News

Sign Up to Receive the Dialogue Online

Learn about our bladder cancer care team at Doylestown Health

Community Counseling Resources

Aldie Counseling
11 Welden Drive
Doylestown, PA

Lenape Valley Foundation
24-hour crisis: 215-345-5327
500 N. West Street
Doylestown, PA

Penn Foundation for Mental Health
807 Lawn Avenue
Sellersville, PA

Community Exercise Programs

Cancer Fit: A Cancer Institute of Doylestown Hospital and Cornerstone Clubs Program
847 Easton Road
Warrington, PA

Thrive: A Central Bucks Family YMCA Program
2500 Lower State Road
Doylestown, PA

Cancer Informational Resources

American Cancer Society

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Learn More

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