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Friends of the Heart Institute

Through membership, donations, and fundraising events, Friends of the Heart Institute is committed to ensuring patients and their loved ones have access to the very best heart and vascular care close to home.

Who We Are

Friends is an all-volunteer organization consisting of dedicated community members, caregivers and Doylestown Health associates who are committed to advancing the highest quality heart and vascular care to patients and their families. Herman Silverman, the driving force behind establishing this group in 1978 as the $100 Heart Club, was joined by Bruce Applestein, MD, Elmer Cates, Frank Galinski, John Knoell, and Joseph F.X. McGarvey, Sr., MD to raise funds vital to launching a much-needed heart program at Doylestown Hospital. Since then, over $2.5 million has been raised for the advancement of heart and vascular care.

What We Do

In 2017 Friends committed to a five-year $1 million fundraising goal in support of  the renovation and expansion of heart and vascular facilities, services and programs at Doylestown Health. Over the next four years all membership contributions, donations and event proceeds will be directed to this exciting and transformational initiative.

Hybrid OR Team

In addition to their commitment to the future of heart and vascular care at Doylestown Health, Friends remains steadfast in its support of the health and well-being of those who choose Doylestown Health for heart care. Friends is proud to continue to fund Walk With A Doc a nationally-recognized exercise program, which encourages physical activity and camaraderie for the local community.

Walk With a Doc

Friends also supports the continuum of patient care by funding 100% of the patient-friendly exercise equipment used for cardiac rehabilitation while also sustaining the funding necessary to support Doylestown Health associate continuing education and staff training for the cardiac and vascular clinical teams.

Cardiac Rehab

How You Can Help

Your Friends of the Heart Institute membership is a tax-deductible gift that will touch the lives of thousands who turn to Doylestown Hospital for heart and vascular care. Please consider joining and become a Friend today. Thank you!

For more information about Friends of The Heart Institute, contact Dawn Pattyson in the Foundation Office at 215-345-2954 or

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FHI Steering Committee

  • Sara Moyer and Scott Moyer, Co-Chairs
  • Joseph S. Auteri, MD
  • Jim Bishop
  • Carol Counihan
  • Louis Della Penna
  • Krista Harper, Esq.
  • Jean Leister
  • Joy Levy
  • Bill Lieser
  • Terri Long, RN
  • James B. McClurken, MD
  • Jeffra Nandan
  • Ephe Olliver
  • Garrett Owen
  • Renee A. Sangrigoli, MD
  • J. Doyle Walton, MD
  • Ron Watson
  • MaryAnn Williamson, MD
  • Eleanor Wilson, RN
  • Laura K. Wortman

Friends of the Heart Institute Lifetime Members

  • Maia and Joseph Auteri, MD
  • Caroline Heise and David Boland, MDs
  • Kelly and Jim Brexler
  • Susan and Jay Brodish
  • Joyce and Robert L. Byers, Sr.
  • Gwen and David Campbell
  • Barbara and Edward Cichewicz
  • Jean and James Clark
  • Cornerstone Health and Fitness
  • Matthew Costello
  • Carol and Pat Counihan
  • Steve W. Day, Jr., Esq.
  • Carol and Louis Della Penna
  • Carolyn and Joe Della-Rodolfa
  • Betty I. Diem
  • Tara and Joshua Eisenberg, MDs
  • Sally and Leon Ephross
  • Sandra C. Fickes
  • Frances L. Finkle
  • Nancy and Bill* Galardi
  • Denise and Eric Gejer, DO
  • V. Elaine* and Robert Gilmore
  • Mary Jo and Karl Gimber
  • Sandy and Bill Goble
  • Molly and John Gribb, MD
  • Elizabeth and Frank Grzywacz, MD
  • Andria and James Guarino, MD
  • Ann and Steve Guidera, MDs
  • Joyce and Steve Hanson
  • Linda Kruus, PhD and John Harding, MD
  • Barbara and Tom Hebel
  • Howard E. Heckler
  • Carol and Steve Hirt
  • Jeanne and John W. Hubbard, PhD
  • Deborah and Jim Kmetzo, MD
  • Lynda* and Ed Knopf, MD
  • Jean and Norm Leister
  • Joy and Scott Levy, MD
  • Mary Lee and Bill Lieser
  • Judge Ed Ludwig*
  • Pat and Bill Marshall
  • Amy and Richard Mascolo, MD
  • Carol and Jack McCaughan
  • Rita and Jim McClurken, MD
  • Joseph F. X. McGarvey, Jr., MD
  • Peggy and Joseph F.X. McGarvey, Sr., MD
  • John McKeever, III
  • Terrie and Michael Mooradd, MD
  • Sara and Scott Moyer
  • Bonnie and Ephe Olliver
  • Joan and Don Parlee, MD
  • Doreen H. Paynton
  • Mary Ellen Pelletier, MD and Joel Pelletier
  • Peddler's Village
  • Penn Color
  • Nancy and Wesley Pericone
  • Cynthia and Gary Porter
  • Sheri Putnam and Polly Javorski
  • Irene and Atul Rao, MD
  • June Rea*
  • Karen and Richard Reif
  • Suzanne and Sean Reinhardt, MD
  • Fran and Tom Saldi
  • Renee and Rob Sangrigoli, MDs
  • Taffy and Fred Schea
  • Donna and Adam Schechter
  • Patricia and Frank T. Shuman
  • Herman Silverman*
  • Silverman Family Partnerships, Inc.
  • Tracey and Stephen Sloan, MD
  • David L. Smith, MD
  • James Stumpf
  • Tom Thomas
  • Jean and Daniel Upton
  • Andrea Benack and George Wiemann, MDs
  • MaryAnn Williamson, MD and Jesse Williamson
  • Eleanor Wilson, RN
  • Dee Ann and Marvin Woodall
  • Laura Wortman


Friends of the Heart Institute Allocations Committee

Comprised of members of the Friends Steering Committee, Lifetime Members, Doylestown Health cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons and vascular surgeons, Friends of the Heart Institute Allocations Committee meets annually to determine how donated funds from the previous year will be distributed to provide a meaningful impact to the top priorities of the Heart Institute.

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