Friends of the Heart Institute

The Friends of The Heart Institute (FHI) raises financial support for the full range of hospital-based cardiac programs and services through annual membership and fundraising special events. Further, the organization seeks to advance cardiac-healthy lifestyles through the dissemination of patient-friendly information on the various cardiac programs and services offered by Doylestown Hospital and members of its medical staff.

Who We Are

FHI is an all-volunteer organization committed to advancing the highest quality cardiac care to patients and their families. The group was founded in 1978 as the $100 Heart Club by Herman Silverman. Since then, over $1.4 million has been raised for the advancement of cardiac care at the hospital.

What We Do

Advances in cardiac care come with their own bill: the cost of devices and equipment, necessary facilities and required staff training. It is in this arena that Friends lends a hand by raising funds to purchase state-of-the-art medical and surgical equipment for the Richard A. Reif Heart Institute and helps to bring this life-saving service to our community. FHI accomplishes this through annual membership drives and by hosting special fundraising events, such as the Heart Brunch and Cardiac Cook-Off. They also disseminate information about cardiac services to patients in the hospital's Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit, the Cardiac Catheterization Lab and offices of hospital-affiliated cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons.

How You Can Help

Your membership in The Friends of the Heart Institute is a tax-deductible gift that will touch the lives of thousands who turn to Doylestown Hospital for heart care. Doylestown Hospital likes to say “You Have A Friend” to those who come to the Institute for it services. Please consider joining the Friends of the Heart Institute and becoming a Friend today. Thank you!

For more information about Friends of The Heart Institute contact Garrett Owen in the Development Office at 215-345-2802 or

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FHI Steering Committee

  • Sara Moyer & C. Scott Moyer, Co-Chairs
  • Joseph S. Auteri, MD
  • Jim Bishop
  • Louis Della Penna
  • Leon Ephross
  • Krista Harper
  • Jean Leister
  • Joy Levy
  • Bill Lieser
  • Teresa Long, RN
  • James B. McClurken, MD
  • Jeffra Nandan
  • Ephe Olliver
  • Garrett Owen
  • Renee A. Sangrigoli, MD
  • J. Doyle Walton, MD
  • Ron Watson
  • George F. Wiemann, MD
  • Eleanor Wilson, RN*
  • Laura Wortman

Allocations Committee

  • Sara Moyer & C. Scott Moyer*, Co-Chairs
  • Dr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Auteri*
  • Jim Bishop
  • Dr. David G. Boland
  • Robert and Joyce Byers, Sr.*
  • David and Gwen Campbell*
  • Mr. & Mrs. Edward Cichewicz*
  • Cornerstone Health & Fitness*
  • Carol and Louis Della Penna*
  • Carolyn Della-Rodolfa
  • Betty Diem*
  • Leon and Sally Ephross*
  • Sandra C. Fickes*
  • Frances L. Finkle*
  • Mrs. Nancy Galardi*
  • Dr. Eric R. Gejer
  • Robert and V. Elaine Gilmore*
  • Karl and Mary Jo Gimber*
  • Bill and Sandy Goble*
  • Dr. & Mrs. John Gribb*
  • Dr. Francis W. Grzywacz
  • Dr. James C. Guarino
  • Dr. Steven A. Guidera
  • Joyce and Steve Hanson*
  • Dr. John D. Harding
  • Howard E. Heckler*
  • Steve and Carol Hirt*
  • Dr. and Mrs. John Hubbard*
  • Dr. James J. Kmetzo*
  • Dr. Ed and Lynda Knopf*
  • Jean Leister
  • Dr. Scott and Joy Levy*
  • Mary Lee and Bill Lieser*
  • Teresa Long
  • Pat and Bill Marshall*
  • Dr. Richard Mascolo
  • John and Carol McCaughan*
  • Dr. James B. McClurken*
  • Dr. Joseph F.X. McGarvey, Jr.
  • Dr. Joseph and Marguerite McGarvey, Sr.*
  • Dr. Michael G. Mooradd
  • Jeffra Nandan
  • Ephe and Bonnie Olliver*
  • Dr. Donald E. and Joan B. Parlee*
  • Doreen H. Paynton*
  • Peddler's Village*
  • Penn Color*
  • Nancy L. and Wesley G. Pericone*
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gary Porter*
  • Karen and Rich Reif*
  • Dr. Sean C. Reinhardt*
  • Tom and Fran Saldi*
  • Dr. Renee A. Sangrigoli
  • Dr. Robert M. Sangrigoli
  • Fred and Taffy Schea*
  • Mr. and Mrs. Frank T. Shuman*
  • Herman Silverman and Liz Serkin*
  • Dr. Stephen B. Sloan*
  • Dr. David L. Smith*
  • James M. Stumpf*
  • Tom Thomas*
  • Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Upton*
  • Dr. J. Doyle Walton
  • Ron Watson
  • Dr. George F. Wiemann
  • Eleanor Wilson, RN*
  • Dr. MaryAnn Williamson
  • Marvin and Dee Ann Woodall*
  • Laura Wortman

* Lifetime Members

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