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The months leading up to childbirth can be filled with questions and even some anxiety. We can help alleviate some of your concerns, answer your questions, and prepare you and your family for the new addition. Our Maternity Education programs focus on all aspects of pregnancy, infant care and parenting.

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Prepared Childbirth Classes

Our maternity center childbirth classes will help you prepare for your birth experience. You will learn about the labor process from one of our certified educators. Sessions include practicing comfort measures, relaxation and breathing techniques, as well as a discussion of medications, cesarean birth and more. Please bring a pillow and blanket to your class. Tour of the VIA Maternity Center is included.

We offer two choices for our labor classes:

  • Four-week series: Meets one evening a week for four weeks
  • One-day class

Childbirth Refresher

One-session prenatal classes are available for parents expecting a second or subsequent child. The class includes a discussion and review of the labor and birth process, birth options and medical interventions, and a video on maternity anesthesia. Tour of the VIA Maternity Center is included. Classes are held every other month at Doylestown Hospital.

Breastfeeding Classes

Learn about the many benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and baby from one of our breastfeeding educators. Learn about the basics of breastfeeding, breast milk collection, and storage. Fathers are encouraged to attend.


Nurse educators teach how to care for, feed, protect and comfort a newborn.

Sibling Education

This class is designed to ease a child's separation anxiety and deal with feelings of jealousy toward the new baby. For children three to 10 years old.


New to grandparenting? Come learn the latest in newborn care, parenting styles and baby safety to help the next generation grow up healthy and safe.

Maternity Center Tours

A guided tour of the VIA Maternity Center includes a brief overview of what to expect during your stay. Registration is required.

Babysitting Workshop

This one-day workshop provides students ages 11 to 14 with basic childcare and emergency skills. Registration and prepayment of $60 are required. For class dates and times, please contact Karry by email

Breastfeeding Mothers' Group

Join us weekly for an opportunity to meet other breastfeeding mothers, share your experiences and weigh your baby. One of our board-certified lactation consultants will be there to answer questions and provide assistance. Siblings are welcome.

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