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The months leading up to childbirth can be filled with questions and even some anxiety. We can help alleviate some of your concerns, answer your questions, and prepare you and your family for the new addition. Our Maternity Education programs focus on all aspects of pregnancy, infant care and parenting. We encourage expectant parents to become involved with our programs early in pregnancy to feel more comfortable and confident as they transition to the world of parenting. It is best to complete programs by 37 weeks of pregnancy. For those who qualify, economic help may be available. Please call Maternity Care Coalition at 215.348.9770 for more information.

Learn about our classes and events

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga is a wonderful way to increase comfort in your changing body and at the same time prepare for childbirth. Classes are led by a Doylestown Health VIA Maternity Center labor and delivery nurse who is also a certified yoga instructor with years of practice. Classes focus on breathing, gentle movements and stretches. Classes are open to pregnant women 13 weeks or greater. Please bring a yoga mat and water to stay hydrated.

Cost: $50 per 4 sessions

Expectant Parents: Healthy Eating and Meal Planning, Dinner and Discussion

Come and share a meal with other expectant parents as a Doylestown Health nutrition expert provides a few recipe ideas and discusses healthy eating during pregnancy. Topics include how food choices can impact the health of mother and baby, how to read nutrition labels, incorporating whole foods into your diet, important nutrients for pregnancy and breastfeeding, and more.

Cost: (includes dinner) $5

Prepared Childbirth: 101

Class is so much more than learning how to breathe! Our certified childbirth educators will arm you with the tools you will need whether your preference is to have a non-medicated birth or not. Become empowered as you learn about the mind/body connection during labor and birth. Sessions also include practicing comfort measures, relaxation and breathing techniques, as well as a discussion of medications, Cesarean birth, and more. A tour of the VIA Maternity Center is included. We offer two options for this class.

Option 1

Three-week evening series: Once a week for three consecutive weeks. During the second week, please bring a pillow, blanket and/or a yoga mat to class.

Cost: $100

Option 2

One-day weekend express: This one-class express option is offered on a Saturday OR Sunday. Please bring a pillow, blanket and/or a yoga mat to class.

Cost: $100

Prepared Childbirth: 102 Beyond the Basics (Prepared Childbirth:101 must be taken before attending 102)

Especially for the mother who would like additional practice and tools to help prepare for a birth without medications. This one time class is interactive and includes practice time with relaxation, breathing and other effective comfort measures.

Cost: $30

Childbirth Refresher

This class is for parents who have experienced birth before and know that the birth experience is not always text book and sometimes doesn't go as planned. Our nurse educator will review the birth process, pain management options and allow for open discussion of previous birth experiences as desired. The group is limited to five couples and a tour of the VIA Maternity Center is included.

Cost: $30 per couple

Parenting and the Newborn

Welcoming a baby into the home comes with much joy and at times anxiety. Join our nurse educators as they provide you with up-to-date information on how to safely care for, feed, protect and comfort your newborn. We have expanded our program to include more discussion about common challenges experienced by new parents in the early months.

Cost: $40

Breastfeeding Education

Come and learn about the many benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and baby from one of our breastfeeding educators. Attending a class with your partner is a great way to gain confidence as you learn the basics of breastfeeding. Proper latch and positioning, breast milk collection and storage will be discussed.

Cost: $30 per family

VIA Maternity Center Tour

Tour begins in the Main Lobby of Doylestown Hospital. Please note: If you are planning to take a Prepared Childbirth class at Doylestown Hospital, a tour is included.

Cost: Free

Sibling Education

This class is to prepare children between 3 and 11 years of age for the arrival of the new baby. Bring your child's favorite doll or stuffed animal to this fun and interactive class as they practice being a big brother or big sister.

Cost: Free


New to grandparenting? Come and learn the latest in newborn care, parenting styles, and baby safety to help the next generation grow up healthy and safe.

Cost: $10 per person

Breastfeeding Mothers Group (Postpartum)

Join us weekly for an opportunity to meet other breastfeeding mothers, share your experiences and weigh your baby. One of our International Board Certified Lactation Consultants will be there to answer questions and provide assistance. We can help with positioning and latching the baby at breast, breastfeeding multiples, guidance with pumping and supplementing, support for continuing to breastfeed after going back to work or school, among other breastfeeding issues.

Cost: Free