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Doylestown Accelerated Surgical Healing Program (DASH)

Rapid Recovery After Joint Replacement

At the Orthopedic Institute of Doylestown Hospital, highly motivated, qualified patients can participate in our accelerated recovery program for joint replacements. The Doylestown Accelerated Surgical Healing Program, or DASH, is an innovative rapid recovery program after joint replacement that utilizes state-of-the-art preoperative preparation, advanced surgical techniques, personalized pain control, and intensive, accelerated therapy regimens.

DASH Patient Stories

Hear from two Orthopedic Institute patients who were able to return to the activities they love with DASH »

Who is a candidate for DASH?

The DASH program is offered to highly motivated patients who seek quick recovery for joint replacement and are preselected by their physicians. Patients must opt-in to participate. The DASH program is unique because it tailors the recovery experience to each individual’s goals to help him or her quickly return to the activities they enjoy most.

Prehab: Preparation Before Surgery

DASH program candidates participate in preoperative activities to help prepare for an accelerated recovery after knee replacement or hip replacement:

  • Preoperative physical therapy or "prehab:” The goal of prehab is to learn skills, exercises and techniques before surgery that help accelerate recovery after knee surgery or hip surgery.
  • Educational session by the Orthopedic Patient Navigator and therapist: This session alleviates anxiety and uncertainty regarding what to expect with joint replacement surgery.

Minimally Invasive Joint Replacement Surgery

Doylestown Hospital orthopedic surgeons are highly skilled in the latest advancements in joint replacement surgery, including muscle-sparing approaches and techniques to minimize blood loss and postoperative inflammation. These techniques ease pain and allow for quick recovery for joint replacement.

Postoperative Care: Shorter Hospital Stay

Postoperative care is a coordinated effort among the orthopedic team to prepare the patient for a safe discharge after a 1- to 2-day hospital stay (as opposed to the typical 3- to 4-day hospital stay after joint replacement). During postoperative care, pain control is tailored to each patient’s individual needs to maximize effectiveness but minimize side effects so he or she can participate in therapy.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation and Recovery

In most cases, an accelerated physical therapy program begins just hours after the joint replacement surgery is completed. Occupational therapy focuses on returning to independent daily activities as quickly as possible. Physical therapy is more intensive and aims to restore functional movement after knee replacement or hip replacement.

After discharge from the orthopedic hospital, DASH participants continue to receive physical and occupational therapy in their home and later on an outpatient basis. All elements of care are coordinated by the Orthopedic Patient Navigator.

For more information about DASH or to find out if you are a candidate, please call the Orthopedic Patient Navigator at 215-345-2642 or

Contact the Orthopedic Patient Navigator

Call the Orthopedic Patient Navigator at 215-345-2642 or

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