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Wireless Internet Access

Wireless Internet Access

Patients, families and visitors have access to a wireless Internet connection throughout most of the Doylestown Hospital (DH) main campus. The name of the wireless Patient/Visitor Guest network is: DH PUBLIC ACCESS. DH Management Information Services broadcasts Internet service via wireless access points within the hospital. Users can connect to this service using a connection called "DH PUBLIC ACCESS". This wireless connection will appear automatically with a wireless network card.

Please note: All users of our wireless Internet services must agree to and comply with the DH Acceptable Use Policy. Read the DH Acceptable Use Policy.

Guidelines for Laptop Safety

  • Laptop computers that have wireless access are required to meet the same requirements outlined in the hospitals Cell Phone policy. Should any interference with medical equipment be noted, the patient's computer use will be prohibited.
  • Care should be taken with all power cords to avoid creating tripping hazards. Never use a laptop that has a frayed or damaged power cord.
  • Nursing staff must be alert to the patient's ability to use the equipment safely during the course of the patients stay, and prohibit the use of devices as the situation warrants.
  • All line powered devices should have at least one of the following marks, Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Canadian Standards Association (CSA), Intertek Testing Services NA Inc. (ITSNA), or MET Laboratories Inc (MET).
  • Always operate your laptop on a hard surface such as a table or bed tray that will allow proper ventilation.
  • Shut down your laptop and unplug all accessories when not in use to prevent overheating.
  • Always consult with the patient's caregiver prior to plugging a laptop into an outlet.
  • Patients / Visitors must have their own laptop in order to connect to the wireless Internet. DH does not provide laptops or loaners, and cannot help troubleshoot your device. You must contact the manufacturer or operating system vendor for assistance with your personal device.
  • DH requires that you adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy, which will be displayed when you first connect to DH's Internet wireless network: DH PUBLIC ACCESS.
  • DH is not responsible for the security of your laptop or other wireless devices, nor can DH provide a secure storage space for your laptop. The hospital cannot be held responsible if an individual's laptop is stolen, damaged, or comes in contact with fluids or radioactive material.
  • All audible sound, alarms, and web cams must be turned off on your laptop at all times. Please use headphones if sound is required.

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