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Cardio-Oncology Program

Cardio Oncology

Overview of Program

Doylestown Hospital, in conjunction with Alliance Cancer Specialists, PC and Penn Medicine Radiation Oncology Doylestown and various other specialists have created a cardio-oncology team that consists of cardiology, breast surgery, oncology, radiation oncology, radiation, pharmacy and nursing. The dedicated team provides patients with access to early cardiovascular assessment, intervention and treatment to prevent life-saving cancer treatments’ detrimental delays.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Doylestown Health cardio-oncology services to improve the cardiovascular health of patients with cancer and cancer survivors through education, training, research development and interdisciplinary collaboration. We strive to minimize cardiovascular and cardiometabolic toxicity during cancer treatment, along with attenuating cardiovascular risks during cancer survivorship.

Who Benefits From This Care

The cardio-oncology team treats a continuum of patients— including those who are currently receiving chemotherapy or radiation therapy to survivors who are years past their cancer diagnosis but have had either cardiotoxic chemotherapy; head, neck or chest radiation.

The patient’s physician will receive updated communication regarding oncology treatment and cardiovascular recommendations specific to the patient.

Tests and Treatment

Cardiovascular testing such as electrocardiograms (EKG), echocardiograms, echocardiogram with strain imaging, arterial brachial indexes (ABI), biomarkers and stress tests may be ordered as appropriate for each patient. Cardiac medications such as beta-blockers, ace-inhibitors or diuretics also may be added to the medication regimen to maintain optimal cardiac function.

Services Provided

Cardio-oncology nurse navigator Kassie Richman RN,BSN, has specialized training in both cardiology and oncology and is committed to supporting patients and their families from diagnosis through survivorship. Kassie is available to assist with:

  • Scheduling appointments with a cardiologist
  • Scheduling cardiac testing including echocardiogram with strain, EKGs, ABIs and stress testing
  • Answering questions and listening to concerns
  • Clarifying unfamiliar issues and providing education material

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