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Infants and Toddlers Program

Infants and Toddlers Program

Our infant-toddler program provides a loving "home away from home" for our youngest learners. Your little ones feel special thanks to our nurturing, certified caregivers who happily offer lots of holding, rocking, singing, reading and cuddling.

You can rely on Children's Village for an early childhood educational environment that is totally:

  • Safe
  • Comfortable
  • Consistent
  • Loving
  • Stimulating

Ages Six Weeks Through 18 Months

We customize schedules for feeding, napping and activities by regularly consulting with parents and caregivers in order to promote healthy eating and sleeping habits. Sleep guidelines meet those suggested by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Program highlights for this age group include:

  • "Duck/Bunny" and "Teddy Bear/Rocking Horse" rooms for sleep, play and quiet activities
  • Visits to our "Village Square" central gathering place to learn about socializing, sharing, friendship and fun
  • Parent lounge for breastfeeding (we also accept frozen or fresh breast milk labeled with your infant's name and date)
  • Diapers changed and bottles/food provided on an as-needed basis
  • Fresh air and exercise
  • Regular updates to keep you informed
  • Lots of TLC!

Our environment encourages growth and development. We communicate daily with parents to tell you about your child and hope you do the same when your child is starting something different at home or has changes in eating times or habits.

Did you know? While cribs sheets and blankets are welcome as well as soft toys, we suggest that other toys remain at home to avoid being lost or damaged.

As Your Child Grows: 18 Months Through 36 Months

Children's Village understands that daily routines are important to make your child feels secure. That routine includes lots of touching, tasting, throwing, banging, dumping and climbing!

At this age, we gradually start to introduce more playtime and creative activities. We'll be sure to celebrate special milestones like following simple directions, learning about the potty, dressing and undressing or meeting new friends. We make sure we communicate these accomplishments to our parents.

Early Learners

We help toddlers reach development goals by studying your child's interests to allow them to contribute in his or her own special way. We call this style Project Approach. Your child will start learning to verbally express wants and needs, to gain self-confidence, to respond to others' emotions and to participate in classroom routines with some independence.

Our toddler curriculum will include:

  • Language and literacy (increase vocabulary, develop pre-reading and pre-writing skills)
  • Cognitive skills (begin counting, increase problem-solving skills, identifying basic shapes and colors)
  • Motor skills (using fingers to grip utensils, experimenting with scissors, climbing, balancing, pedaling a bike)
  • Creative arts (role-playing with props, blocks, dramatic play, visual arts)

Toddlers are naturally full of curiosity. While your children experience new activities and challenges, we're right behind them with hugs, smiles and lots of personal attention and encouragement.

Special Snacks

We love to cook. And eat! Many of our yummy snacks are the result of our cooking and baking programs with toddlers and older students who assist us in whipping up delicious snacks like banana bread, monkey bread or cupcakes in one of our three adult kitchens throughout the building. We even make pasta and let our children add cheese. Other favorite treats are homemade applesauce and pumpkin bread in the fall.

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Information on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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