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Pre-Kindergarten Program

Pre-Kindergarten Program

The pre-kindergarten program at Children's Village is geared to four-year-old children. Here, we build on your child's continuing maturity and growth. Literacy, numeracy, pre-writing skills, science and social studies exploration are encouraged through projects and play-based experiences. We can make valuable lessons out of counting while stirring a recipe of yummy pumpkin bread or shaping soft pretzels dough into letters and numbers.

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor play is great for gross motor skills! In addition to playground games, children play and learn through creative activities like growing tomatoes and herbs for homemade pizza, climbing our "rock," visiting our duck pond, touring the hospital cafeteria at the hospital to learn about nutrition and hiking our nearby nature trails.

Preparing for Kindergarten

Kindergarten readiness isn't so much about knowing ABC's as knowing how to listen, how to play well with other children and how to be an eager learner. Our curriculum is based on an in-depth study of a topic determined by the child's interest, a program we call the Project Approach. In pre-K, we help your child:

  • Learn more about computers
  • Discover literacy and numeracy
  • Work on pre-writing skills
  • Explore science and social studies through projects and play-based experiences

Did you know? Children's Village encourages our parents to be involved. Parents are welcome here any time, any day! We welcome books, music and visits that will enrich our project themes.

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