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Woodall Chest Pain Center

Woodall Chest Pain Center

A Leader in Heart Attack Care

Doylestown Health's Woodall Chest Pain Center is fully prepared to treat cardiac emergencies twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The program focuses on rapid diagnosis and effective treatment of patients experiencing symptoms of heart attack, using specially trained staff and rapid treatment protocols.

What is a Heart Attack?

A heart attack occurs when the blood flow that brings oxygen to the heart muscle is severely reduced or cut off completely. Quickly, the heart muscle that has lost blood supply begins to suffer injury. The amount of damage to the heart muscle depends on the size of the area supplied by the blocked artery and the time between injury and treatment.

This is why rapid care by experts in treating the heart is essential.

"Time is Muscle"

The longer a person suffering a heart attack waits before having an emergency angioplasty, more of the heart tissue dies. That is why people experiencing chest pain are urged to immediately seek treatment at a hospital where experts in heart attack can access the patient’s condition and get them the treatment they need fast.

At the Woodall Chest Pain Center:

  • Patients who come to the Emergency Room with chest pain or other acute cardiac symptoms are immediately evaluated.
  • If tests confirm that a heart attack is in progress, the patient is quickly moved to the Heart Institute's Cath Lab for an emergency angioplasty.
  • Our door-to-balloon time (the number of minutes it takes from the time a heart attack patient enters the Emergency Room until the angioplasty balloon is inflated to stop the heart attack) averages 55 minutes, which is consistently and substantially lower than the national standard.

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