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During Your Stay

During Your Stay

Nine long months and the moment is finally here: You're having your baby! During your stay, our main goal is to make it possible for you to have the most satisfying birth experience. We want you to feel comfortable and know that we can meet you and your baby's needs at Doylestown Health's VIA Maternity Center.

Certified nurse midwives: Our nurse midwives provide women with special skills so that they will be able to understand their own unique physical, emotional and spiritual needs. This service is true midwifery care, while being closely associated with our ob/gyn physicians, who are readily available for consultation and referral.

Mother-Baby Couplet Program: The same team of nurses cares for you and your baby, creating a reassuring and comforting environment for your first days as a new mom.

Lactation Consultants are available seven days a week (including holidays) to help you learn to successfully breastfeed.

Newborn TV Channel: To prepare families to care for their newborns, the nursing staff provides individualized teaching during your hospital stay. In addition, the hospital offers 24 hour a day educational programming via "The Newborn Channel"® on our in-room televisions. "The Newborn Channel"® can be accessed from your home, via the internet.

Bella Baby Photography is available, featuring a private professional photo session in the patient’s room with no pressure for sales, just the ability for family and friends to view photos online.

Skylight TV Channel offers on-demand screening of movies and educational videos.

Food Service includes a room service option where patients can order from a menu and determine the time they would like to have food delivered.

Baby Announcement: Brahms's Lullaby is played throughout the hospital announcing the baby's birth, if the family wishes.

Angel Eye Camera System: To better accommodate parents with babies in the Intensive Care Nursery (ICN), Doylestown Health's VIA Maternity Center now has Angel Eyes cameras in the ICN, which stream live video feed of a newborn's care to families and loved ones.

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