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CT Scan

Computed Tomography (CT Scan)

What is a CT Scan?

Computed tomography (CT scans) are commonly used to diagnose muscle and bone disorders, determine the location of tumors and infections, guide procedures, such as surgery and radiation therapies, identify diseases and conditions, such as cancer and heart disease, and detect internal bleeding and injuries.

CT scans are widely used across the medical field to perform diagnostic exams. Because diagnostic imaging is so important to a patient's care plan, Doylestown Health provides advanced CT imaging studies, usually performed only at large university medical centers.

Advanced CT Scan and Low Dose Imaging

For many patients, the risk of radiation exposure during a CT scan is concerning. To address this concern, Doylestown Health offers iDose4, personalized low-dose CT scan technology, in addition to its advanced 256 slice iCT Scanner.

iDose4 CT Scan

iDose4 is an iterative reconstruction technique that gives radiologists control of the dial so they can personalize image quality depending on clinical needs at low dose. When used in combination with the advanced CT scan technologies this provides a unique approach to managing important factors in patient care – a new era in low energy, low dose and low injected contrast imaging.

With iDose4, radiologists can personalize image quality based on each patient's specific needs. This technology makes it possible to drastically reduce radiation dose without compromising image quality. This low dose CT scan minimize the risk to all patients, especially children and young adults who are more susceptible to overexposure to radiation.

Benefits of iDose4 CT Scan

  • Up to 40% dose reduction
  • Personalized patient radiation dose management
  • Lowest radiation dose; with optimized image quality
  • Improved spatial resolution

iCT Scan

The Philips iCT scanner acquires an astounding 256 "slices" or cross-section snapshots of the body in just 270 milliseconds (about 1/4 of a second). These slices are reconstructed into 3-D images that can be viewed from any angle without compromising the image quality. The scanner acquires a great deal of data in a very short time. Most scans take just a few seconds. For example, most heart scans can be done in three heartbeats.

Benefits of iCT Scan

  • Level of radiation adapted to individual patient needs/location in body
  • Uses the least possible amount of radiation
  • Requires less contrast agent to be used
  • Minimizes possible side effects for sensitive patients
  • Ability to scan patients who formerly could not be scanned
  • Improved diagnostic accuracy

Doylestown Health's 40-slice (at the Heath & Wellness Center) and 64-slice (in the Emergency Department) scanners have similar dose-reduction capabilities. Combined with the clinical experience and expertise of Doylestown Health radiologists, this high level of technology offers patients top-quality care in their own community.

Preparing for a CT Scan

On the day of your CT Scan, you will want to wear loose comfortable clothes. You may be required to remove hairpins, jewelry glasses or dentures depending on the type of body part being imaged.

You may be required to wait for your exam. Because CT is a highly specialized tool, many emergency patients need the CT Scanner on an emergent need.

Due to the type of examination, you may be required to drink a contrast agent or one might be injected into a vein. Please let your technologist be aware of any allergies you may have. These contrast agents make certain areas in the body "highlighted." It gives the physician more information and makes for a more diagnostic test.




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