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3T MRI with Ambient Experience

Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI

3T MRI with Ambient Experience

The 3T MRI with Ambient Experience at Doylestown Hospital combines the most advanced MRI technology available with enhanced features designed for patient comfort. Patients can customize their experience, choosing their own lighting, animation and sound.

Benefits include:

  • Double the magnet strength. Results in the best image quality available.
  • Special lighting, animation and sound. Patients choose their own soothing "theme."
  • Larger opening. Creates more room above and beside you, and most MRI scans can be performed feet-first — a comfort to all patients, especially those with claustrophobia or anxiety.
  • Child-friendly. Choose from themes specifically designed for children.
  • Convenient location. Just steps away from the connected parking garage.

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To schedule an MRI appointment at any location, please call 215.345.2600.

Insurance Information

Depending on your insurance coverage, you have a choice of where you go for medical imaging. Questions about MRI cost or insurance coverage? Talk to your insurance provider or contact Doylestown Hospital MRI at 215.345.2600.

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