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Same-Day Total Joint Replacement for Rapid Recovery

Same-Day Total Joint Replacement for Rapid Recovery

At Doylestown Health's Orthopedic Institute, highly motivated, qualified patients can participate in our Same-day Joint Replacement program. Rapid recovery options including same-day outpatient surgery are part of the Orthopedic Institute's innovative total joint replacement program for hips, knees and shoulders.

Key program components include coordinated care, pre-operative preparation, advanced surgical techniques, personalized pain control, and intensive, accelerated therapy regimens that accelerate a patient's return to independence.

With new advances in joint replacement techniques, patients can have their joint replacement surgery and return to the comfort of home all in the same day.

Benefits of Same-day Joint Replacement Surgery

  • No hospital stay: Highly qualified, motivated patients will go home within hours of surgery.
  • A faster recovery period: Minimally invasive surgery techniques use smaller incisions that spare healthy tissue surrounding the joint. Patients report less stiffness, greater mobility and a quicker return to normal activity.
  • Advanced pain management techniques: Cutting-edge pain management methods direct pain relief to the joint replacement site, enabling the patient to recover comfortably in their own home.

Who is a Candidate for Same-day Joint Replacement?

The Same-day Joint Replacement program is offered to highly motivated patients who seek quick recovery for total knee, hip or shoulder joint replacement. Patients must meet strict criteria to participate and are pre-selected by their orthopedic physician. Patients must opt-in to participate. The Same-day Joint Replacement program is unique because it tailors the recovery experience to each individual's goals to help him or her quickly return to the activities they enjoy most. Not all insurances will permit patients to participate in this program.

Although the orthopedic surgeon may recommend the patient for same-day joint replacement, the decision to have the procedure on an outpatient basis (less than 24 hours) is up to the patient and their insurance company. The patient must meet all the requirements during the preoperative phase in order to qualify.

What to Expect: Prehab, Surgery, Post-op, Rehab

Prehab: Preparing for Surgery

Candidates participate in preoperative activities to help prepare for a more rapid recovery after knee replacement, hip replacement or shoulder replacement:
  • Pre-operative physical therapy or "prehab:"
    The goal of prehab is to learn skills, exercises and techniques before surgery that help accelerate recovery after knee hip or shoulder surgery. Prehab is not for everyone. If your surgeon recommends prehab, our highly skilled physical therapist at the Clark Outpatient Rehabilitation Center can take of your needs.
  • Online educational program
    This session alleviates anxiety and uncertainty regarding what to expect with joint replacement surgery.
  • Minimally Invasive Joint Replacement Surgery
    Doylestown Hospital orthopedic surgeons are highly skilled in the latest advancements in joint replacement surgery, including muscle-sparing approaches and techniques to minimize blood loss and postoperative inflammation. These techniques ease pain and allow for quick recovery for joint replacement patients.

Post-operative Care: No Hospital Stay

Post-operative care is a coordinated effort among the orthopedic team with the collaborative goal of preparing the patient for a safe and comfortable return home. During post-operative care, pain control is tailored to each patient's individual needs to maximize effectiveness. This will allow the patient to rest comfortably in their own home, and minimize side effects so he or she can participate in their rehab therapy program.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation and Recovery

An accelerated therapy program begins just hours after the joint replacement surgery is completed. Upon their return home, Same-day total hip and knee Joint Replacement participants continue to receive rehabilitation in their home with a visit from a home health nurse and rehabilitation therapist. Patients start outpatient therapy as soon as two days after surgery. All elements of care are coordinated by your orthopedic patient navigator.

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Doylestown Health's Orthopedic Institute surgeons offer a variety of joint replacement options and tailor treatment specific to the patient's needs. For more information about same-day, outpatient joint replacement options or to find out if you are a candidate, please call the Orthopedic Patient Navigator at 215.345.2642 or

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