Urgent Care Services

Urgent Care Services

Walk in for quick treatment of illness or injury.

For routine or immediate medical care, choose an Urgent Care staffed by board-certified Doylestown Health physicians. No appointment necessary.

  • Illness and Injury
    • Illness and Injury

      Doylestown Health Urgent Care clinicians treat a full range of illnesses and injuries for adults and children. These include:

      • All common illnesses
      • Allergies
      • Asthma
      • Back pain
      • Bladder infections
      • Bronchitis or pneumonia
      • Broken bones
      • Burns
      • Conjunctivitis (pink eye)
      • Coughs, colds, or the flu
      • Cuts and abrasions
      • Diarrhea
      • Dehydration
      • Earache
      • Fever or chills
      • Hemorrhoids
      • Infection
      • Stomach virus
      • Sprains and strains
      • Wound care

      Not seeing your condition or health concern? Don't worry! Just come in or call us at (215) 863-8363 to speak with a member of our attentive healthcare team.

  • Testing & Treatment
    • Testing & Treatment

      Doylestown Health Urgent Care is a convenient, cost-effective solution if your primary care provider (PCP) is unavailable or you can't wait for an appointment. Your Urgent Care experience is seamless and complete— we'll access your Doylestown Health medical records to get to know you, and then document your urgent care visit for follow-up if necessary. And, if you need to find a PCP, we'll refer you to the right Doylestown Health physician for you!

      On-site testing and treatment includes:

      • Blood tests
      • Common prescription medications
      • Lab work /testing
      • Sutures
      • X-rays

Simply walk in to see a physician, or check-in online to let us know when we can expect your arrival.