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10 Tips for Preventing Falls Among Seniors

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Fall Prevention

Did you know that every year, more than half of adults age 65 and older have fall-related injury? Today — the first day of the fall season – is Falls Prevention Awareness Day, which seeks to raise awareness about how to prevent fall-related injuries among older adults.

Sustaining a fall-related injury increases the likelihood of more serious injuries, or even death, in the future. Research indicates that the long-term consequences of fall injuries, such as hip fractures and traumatic brain injuries (TBI), can impact the health and independence of older adults tremendously. The good news is that falls are NOT an inevitable part of aging and can be prevented.

Below are ways to prevent older adults from falling. Reducing risk of falling helps older adults maintain their independence and stay free of injuries in the future.

Fall Prevention for Senior Adults

  • Exercise regularly
  • Review medications with your health care providers
  • Use assistive devices as recommended by your doctor or physical therapist
  • Have your eyes checked regularly
  • Install safety bars and handrails as needed in your home
  • Remove clutter and throw rugs from your home
  • Wear proper-fitting, non-skid shoes
  • Eat a healthy, nutritious diet
  • Get screened and treated for osteoporosis
  • Obtain a medical alarm for emergencies

Doylestown Health hosts monthly fall risk lectures and balance screenings where individuals can learn simple steps to decrease their risk, or that of a loved one.

Learn more about Doylestown Health's Osteoporosis and Bone Health Program

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