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Doylestown Health and Del Val to Collaborate on Graduate Programs in Healthcare

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DelVal Doylestown Health Partnership

Delaware Valley University and Doylestown Health will work together to develop new graduate programs in healthcare, including a forthcoming master's in healthcare administration.

The institutions formalized a new partnership at a ceremonial document signing on Monday, July 15, at Doylestown Hospital. Jim Brexler, President and CEO, Doylestown Health, and Dr. Maria Gallo, President, Delaware Valley University, signed the Memorandum of Understanding in front of a crowd of senior leadership and trustees from both organizations.

"Today's signing is an unmistakable sign of progress toward our shared strategic goals," said Dr. Gallo, calling the signing a "transformational moment."

"I am excited about our partnership with Doylestown Health as the University develops graduate degrees in healthcare," Dr. Gallo continued. "As a nationally recognized university for delivering experiential education, this collaboration also will provide a wealth of opportunities for real-world experiences for our students in the healthcare industry."

The new graduate programs will give students an edge in the increasingly complex healthcare industry. Doylestown Health employs experts in their fields who will help develop and teach various academic programs for the University. Both organizations will work together on academic programming, training opportunities and future academic resource development. The collaboration is an extension of the shared strategic visions for the future of both organizations.

"Doylestown Health is pleased to partner with Delaware Valley University on this exciting initiative," said Brexler. "As we approach our centennial anniversary at Doylestown Health, we are uniquely positioned to add value to the University's healthcare programming, and to pass on our experience leading a nationally recognized independent health system. We look forward to helping shape the future leaders of healthcare in our community and beyond."

Delaware Valley University educates students with a curriculum that emphasizes and requires experiential learning. Doylestown Health is led by individuals who can share decades of experience. Similar strategic goals and a close physical proximity inspire this natural partnership between these organizations.

There are several parallels between Doylestown Health and Delaware Valley University, noted Sheri Putnam, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives and Integration, Doylestown Health. The Village Improvement Association of Doylestown (VIA) was founded as a women's civic organization in 1895 and went on to open Doylestown Hospital in 1923. Doylestown Health continues to grow as an independent regional healthcare system. Delaware Valley University was founded in 1896 and has grown into a university that is nationally-recognized for experiential learning.

Dr. Benjamin E. Rusiloski, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty for Delaware Valley University, said both organizations continue to jointly develop the master's in healthcare administration after several months of collaboration.

"We identified areas where expertise and the needs of students intersect," said Dr. Rusiloski. "We look forward to being able to capitalize on meaningful and valuable experiences with Doylestown Health. The collaboration will move both organizations and the community forward."

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