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Doylestown Health Cardiologists Lead Advanced Physician Training Session

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Physicians from the U.S., Canada and Caribbean wanting to hone their skills in an advanced procedure to treat Atrial Fibrillation recently relied on the experts at Doylestown Health's Richard Reif Heart Institute to further their knowledge.

Doylestown Health electrophysiologists hosted an Arctic Front™ Masters Program at Doylestown Hospital in the use of cryoablation. This minimally-invasive procedure uses freezing technology to treat faulty nerve tissue that causes the heart's irregular rhythm.

The training session at Doylestown Hospital included two live case presentations with video streaming to a conference room near the Electrophysiology lab, as well as a series of lectures designed to help practicing electrophysiologists improve the safety and efficacy of their ablation procedures. Participating physicians were from hospitals in Canada, the Cayman Islands, Los Angeles, CA and Cleveland, OH.

Doylestown Health physicians have extensive experience in AFib ablation using both radiofrequency and cryothermal energy sources. Doylestown Hospital was one of the first in the United States to offer cryoablation technology to treat AFib in 2011. Doylestown Hospital is one of the top programs in the region in terms of success, safety and volumes performing the procedure.

The cryoballoon device manufacturer made Doylestown Hospital a training site more than five years ago, and Doylestown has earned Center of Education status hosting training events for cardiologists from around the world. Drs Sangrigoli and Harding also travel for off-site training.

"We have travelled throughout the United States training cardiologists and their staff on cryoballoon ablation for atrial fibrillation and have even performed training in South America and Japan," said Dr. Harding.

Drs Sangrigoli and Harding continue to partner with engineers on product improvement and product development.

Research shows that ablation is an effective treatment for AFib in patients for whom medication and other treatments have not worked. As AFib progresses and episodes become more frequent, the patient's quality of life and stamina decrease while there is an increase in the risk of AFib-related effects like heart failure and stroke.


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