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Exploring Medical Research and Clinical Trials

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Medical Research and Clinical Trials

Every medicine you take is the product of medical research.

What is medical research?

Medical or clinical research helps doctors and researchers find new and better ways to understand, detect, control, and treat illness. Medical researchis a clinical trial that directly involves a particular person or group of people, or that uses materials from humans, such as their behavior or samples of their tissue.

Clinical trials are research studies that involve patients who volunteer to participate. By taking part in clinical trials, participants can not only play a more active role in their own healthcare, but they can also have access to new treatments and help others by contributing to science.

Clinical trials usually compare a new product or therapy to standard medical treatment to see if the new one is as successful as, or better than, the existing one. Clinical trials may involve a few patients or thousands from across the country, or even the globe.

Device or pharmaceutical manufacturers are required to perform trials in a quest to gain approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Clinical trials can also be sponsored or funded by physicians, foundations, or medical institutions. Federal agencies such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) also sponsor trials.

New cures and advanced treatments require years of study in clinical trials before they can safely be offered to patients. The goal is to find a better way to safely and effectively prevent, diagnose or treat a medical condition.

Medical research at Doylestown Health

The Medical Research department keeps Doylestown Health on the leading edge of new treatments and studies that contribute to important advances in medicine.

The first step in starting any clinical trial at Doylestown Health is evaluation by the Institutional Review Board (IRB). The panel includes members from both scientific and non-scientific backgrounds. Their responsibility is to ensure that trials follow all federal, state and local regulations and are ethically appropriate to offer to patients.

Innovation at Doylestown Health

In the two decades since Doylestown Health began participating in clinical trials, research focused primarily on cardiology and oncology. That has changed in recent years to include a number of other specialties. Medical Research has about 50 clinical trials in progress in a variety of areas: pulmonary medicine, gastroenterology, neurology, infectious disease, nephrology (kidney), hepatology (liver) and stroke.

In many instances, Doylestown Health has been chosen as an early or select enroller based on its history of being a top enrolling site both in the United States and internationally. This speaks to Doylestown Health's commitment to offer patients the safest, most advanced evidence-based treatments available.

Clinical research at Doylestown Health keeps physicians up-to-date on emerging trends in medicine, and helps attract physicians who want to stay current on clinical advancements. The result is better treatment for patients who need look no further than their local hospital for the highest quality care.

About Doylestown Health

Doylestown Health is a comprehensive healthcare system of inpatient, outpatient and wellness education services connected to meet the health needs of all members of the local and regional community. Doylestown Hospital, the flagship to Doylestown Health has 239 beds and a Medical Staff of more than 435 physicians in over 50 specialties. An independent nonprofit health system, Doylestown Health is dedicated to providing innovative, patient-centered care for all ages.

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