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Volunteer Opportunities at the Woodall Center for Heart and Vascular Care

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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers will play an important role in assisting patients and their families during their stay at Doylestown Health’s new state-of-the-art Cardiovascular and Critical Care Pavilion.

Open Volunteer Opportunities

Heart-to-Heart Volunteers

These volunteers will be inside the new CVICU unit to talk with patients before and after surgery. Heart-to-Heart volunteers need to have had heart surgery in the past, with at least one year of recovery. We are seeking volunteers every morning from 8 am to Noon, and every afternoon from Noon to 4 pm (including weekends).

Heart-to-Heart Desk Volunteers

These volunteers will sit at the desk just outside the CVICU and will provide information and support to waiting families of heart surgery patients as well as general information to those on the second floor. These volunteers are not required to have had heart surgery, but should have an interest in the area of cardiac services. Many of our current Volunteers are the spouse of a heart surgery patient or a family member of someone with cardiac issues. There will be a volunteer at the desk Monday through Friday from 8 am to Noon and Noon to 4 pm.

Learn more about the Heart-to-Heart volunteer program

Catheterization Lab

These volunteers will support Catheterization Lab patients and families. Cath Lab volunteers are needed each day, Monday through Friday. The Cath Lab will be renovated when the new building opens, so additional volunteers may be needed when renovation is complete.

Reception Desk

There is a reception desk on the first floor of the new building. Volunteers at the desk will assist visitors and support families of patients who are in the waiting room in this area.


Concierge volunteers will greet patients and visitors as they enter the building and will take people where they need to go by walking with them or providing wheelchair assistance. Many who enter the new building will likely be going to other areas of the hospital, so these volunteers must be VERY mobile! This service will be provided Monday through Friday from 8 am to Noon and Noon to 4 pm.

If you are interested in a volunteer opportunity at the new Cardiovascular and Critical Care Pavilion, please contact the Volunteer Services office at 215.345.2204.

About the Doylestown Health Cardiovascular and Critical Care Pavilion

Patient care, quality and comfort are the driving forces behind the design of Doylestown Health's Cardiovascular and Critical Care Pavilion, a top priority of a comprehensive $75 million campaign, ONE VISION: The Campaign for Doylestown Health. Future home of the new Center for Heart and Vascular Care and the Clark Center for Critical Care Medicine, this new Pavilion will incorporate features and amenities that seamlessly integrate the highest levels of clinical care and patient privacy, with special focus on wellness and comfort. We invite you to join us as we create the life-changing healthcare of tomorrow. Philanthropic support will fund transformational renovation and expansion across the Doylestown Hospital and Pine Run campuses and will help chart the course for the next generation of patients, providers, and technology.

For more information, visit the Doylestown Health Foundation website or call 215.345.2009.

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