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Pre-Med Program

Pre-Med Program

The application process for this program is closed for Summer 2020.

The application process for the Pre-Med Summer Program 2020 will open on Monday, November 4 at 9 am. Students should contact the Volunteer Services Office at 215.345.2204 to request an application. Admission to the program is highly competitive and limited to twelve students; only 15 applications will be mailed to prospective participants. To be fair to all interested, we will only accept phone calls from the student applicant; phone calls from parents of adult children/students will not be accepted.

Applying to the Pre-Med Program

Thank you for your interest in Volunteer programs at Doylestown Hospital.

It is important to call quickly as only 15 applications are distributed. Interviews are granted to the first 10 students who meet all requirements and return a completed application packet. Students are expected to take responsibility for the entire application process; calls from parents or other family members are not accepted.

The Pre-Med Program

This summer program is designed for college students who have completed their junior year, are over the age of 18 and are pursuing academic programs leading to medical school or Physician Assistant (PA) programs. Doylestown Health physicians assist with the program, which includes lectures and "hands-on" volunteer work in many departments, including Emergency Department, Critical Care, and the Operating Room.

The Pre-Med program has been developed by the Doylestown Hospital Medical Staff and the Volunteer Department. It is a ten-week program starting in late May. The Program is supervised by Doylestown Health's director of Volunteer Services and is coordinated with a special seminar program conducted by the Doylestown Hospital's Medical Staff to introduce the students to selected phases of a medical career. Students participating in the program are expected to give the Hospital a minimum of 100 hours of volunteer time in various patient related services during the course.

Your most current college transcripts, showing a GPA of at least 3.5, must be submitted with the application. Pre-Med students should contact the Volunteer Office directly at 215.345.2204 with any questions.

All Pre-Med Volunteers are required to pass a Criminal Record Check, FBI Fingerprint Clearance and Child Abuse Clearance. Pre-Med Students must obtain their clearances and submit these with the application.

Learn about required criminal background checks

Contact the Volunteer Office

Pre-Med students should contact the Volunteer Office directly at 215.345.2204 with any questions. It is important that the student be responsible for all communication.

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