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Nurse using technology | Doylestown Health
Our nurses have shown adaptability in the face of health crises. For Nurses Month, we explore the often overlooked tech mastery needed to do their jobs.
Couple walking in the park on a sunny day | Doylestown Health
New medications are helping many people who have heart failure to feel better, spend less time in the hospital, and live longer.
The DeFinis family of Bedminister | Doylestown Health
He was a young and healthy, but COVID didn't discriminate. Andrew DeFinis took on the battle of his life, and victory was not assured.
AS doctor and patient discussing testicular cancer | Doylestown Health
April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month. Learn about this cancer that is more common in younger males, including risk factors and how perform a self-exam.
Two woman reviewing information
At Doylestown Health, we consider you a valued member of our healthcare team. Learn how you can advocate for your own care or for the care of a loved one.
Kelly Schmitt and Rok Hyon| Doylestown Health
Part Two of Two: Kelly lost her mother suddenly, which introduced her to organ donation. That experience inspired Kelly's most selfless action.
Kelly Schmitt | Doylestown Health
Part One of Two: When Kelly's mom suddenly passed away, she had to make a tough decision that ended up saving other lives and transformed her own.
Man using arm bike at rehab | Doylestown Health
Discover how Doylestown Health's Pulmonary Rehab Exercise Program helps Charlie Catherwood build endurance, breathe easier and live his best life.
woman clutching stomach
Endometriosis affects more than 10% of women. Don't suffer in silence – talk to your OB/GYN about ways they can help you.
doctor holding blue awareness ribbon
Ernesto Reina ignored his doctor's annual recommendation to get a colonoscopy and developed colorectal cancer. He regrets he didn't get the screening sooner.

baby looking at a book
Books for Babies is a new program that provides baby board books and other helpful information to families to promote early bonding and baby brain development.
Milestone TAVR procedure | Doylestown Health
An interdisciplinary team of experts from Doylestown Hospital was among early regional leaders to perform the innovative TAVR procedure in 2013.