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Group picture with a baby

Almost every woman can benefit from pelvic floor physical therapy after giving birth — whether you have a cesarean or vaginal delivery. The force and strain of pregnancy can cause trauma and injury to your pelvic floor, which can lead to leaking, discomfort and other quality of life issues. Read on to discover how two sisters conquered postpartum pelvic floor dysfunction.

Patient and wife posing for a photo | Doylestown Health
When Gilbert passed out at work, no one knew his aorta was tearing apart. Fortunately, his coworkers called 911 and he ended up exactly where he needed to be.
The DeFinis family of Bedminister | Doylestown Health
He was a young and healthy, but COVID didn't discriminate. Andrew DeFinis took on the battle of his life, and victory was not assured.
Kelly Schmitt and Rok Hyon| Doylestown Health
Part Two of Two: Kelly lost her mother suddenly, which introduced her to organ donation. That experience inspired Kelly's most selfless action.
Kelly Schmitt | Doylestown Health
Part One of Two: When Kelly's mom suddenly passed away, she had to make a tough decision that ended up saving other lives and transformed her own.
Man using arm bike at rehab | Doylestown Health
Discover how Doylestown Health's Pulmonary Rehab Exercise Program helps Charlie Catherwood build endurance, breathe easier and live his best life.
doctor holding blue awareness ribbon
Ernesto Reina ignored his doctor's annual recommendation to get a colonoscopy and developed colorectal cancer. He regrets he didn't get the screening sooner.

Barbara Riley | Doylestown Health
Find out how robot-assisted hernia repair helped nurse Barbara get back to work sooner, with smaller incisions, less pain and a quicker recovery.

Matthew Ferro with family and friend on the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum | Doylestown Health
Matthew Ferro, 51, who almost lost his life to COVID-19 thanked the people who helped him at a Philadelphia fundraising event.

Carol Duffy | Doylestown Health
When Carol Duffy, 81, was diagnosed with breast cancer, she found comfort with a nurse navigator who was there for her every step of the way.
Matthew Ferro with wife and care team| Doylestown Health
Matthew followed the rules and is only 51 with no underlying health conditions. But he still contracted COVID-19 and was hospitalized in ICU. Here is his story.
Stan Gualtieri | Doylestown Health
Stan Gualtieri never really thought about hospital services, until a highly-skilled vascular surgeon and team saved his life in Doylestown Health’s Hybrid O.R.