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Transitional Cardiac Care: A Helping Hand, from Hospital to Home

Thursday, Feb 04, 2016
Gerry D'Arcy

Doylestown Health's unique cardiac transitional care program keeps patients healthy after surgery – and provides an extra level of comfort and care.

Gerry D'Arcy's June 2015 aortic valve replacement "couldn't have gone any better," explains the active 72-year-old Buckingham resident. She enthusiastically acknowledges her cardiac surgeon Joseph Auteri, MD, chief, Cardiac Surgery, for his expertise, and for the overall care she received from the Doylestown Health staff. But what made Gerry "really blown away" was her pre- and postoperative nursing care.

"Patti (Doylestown Health's CVICU nurse) met with me in Dr. Auteri's office before surgery to perform pre-surgery testing and provide additional information about the procedure and post-op care. Then, after surgery, who do I see in my hospital room? It's the same nurse — Patti! She also explained that she would be seeing me after I was discharged, which she did, several times."

Patti visited Gerry at her home to check her patient's vitals and assess Gerry's overall postsurgical recovery. Once, when a minor "bump" occurred, Patti consulted with Dr. Auteri's office on Gerry's behalf to facilitate medication changes. Patti answered her post-operative questions and provided an extra level of comfort and care.

"This was a pretty amazing experience," says Gerry. "To have one nurse meet you in a doctor's office then follow you through from start to finish made me feel that she really was there just for me."

Cardiac Transitional Care Program

Doylestown Health's unique cardiac transitional care program offers highly coordinated care for cardiac surgery patients. A cardiovascular intensive care unit (CVICU) nurse meets with each patient before and after surgery. After discharge from the hospital, the same nurse visits the patient at home, monitoring his or her recovery and assisting with medications and other needs. This high level of care coordination is proven to reduce adverse events, readmission rates, and costs of care.*

Focus on Quality & Value

Doylestown Health's Richard A. Reif Heart Institute provides high quality, low-cost care for the full range of cardiac conditions, including advanced treatment options for atrial fibrillation like cryoablation and The Convergent Approach for hard-to-treat arrhythmia.

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*Source: Joint Commission, June 2012

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