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Heart and Vascular

Heart Strong

Heart Strong | Doylestown Health

What Is Heart Strong?

Patients who’ve been involved in cardiac rehabilitation get another opportunity to extend their fitness, close to home.

Heart Strong is a unique exercise program specifically for patients who’ve participated in Doylestown Health cardiac rehabilitation and want to maintain optimal heart and vascular health. A collaboration between Doylestown Health and community gyms, the Heart Strong program keeps patients fit with prescribed exercises from their cardiac rehab team.

All trained gym staff who supervise the program know specific aerobic and resistance-training guidelines and have to pass a competency test on exercise prescription and emergency preparedness.

Who Might Benefit

Patients who might be candidates for the Heart Strong program include those who’ve been in cardiac rehabilitation and have experienced:

How it Works

Doylestown Health patients who are involved in cardiac rehabilitation will have a re-assessment before being discharged from rehab. During this reassessment, all patients receive an exercise prescription card that provides the cardiologist’s contact information, their own emergency information and exercise settings. This card is then required to participate in Heart Strong.

Some of the patient-specific information on their card might include their:

  • Target Heart Rate Range
  • MET (Metabolic Equivalent for Task)
  • RPE (Rated Perceived Exertion) range
  • Modalities (speeds, levels, seat positions)
  • Duration of exercise
  • Frequency of exercise

Benefits of Participating in Heart Strong

Through participating in Heart Strong, most patients will become stronger, improve their fitness level and some may even lose weight. They are also significantly less likely to experience another adverse heart event.

Get Involved with Heart Strong

If it has been six months or longer since a patient has exercised, a call to the cardiologist for a referral is required. Patients who have continued exercising and have graduated from Doylestown Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation within one year can contact cardiac rehab for a list of participating Heart Strong community gyms.

For more information on Heart Strong, call 215.345.2390.

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