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Preschool Program

Preschool Program

A natural extension of our toddler rooms, our preschool program encourages children to develop greater independence, to learn to follow directions and to play nicely with friends. Our rooms are large enough to accommodate a variety of fun activities.

Assuming Responsibility

Children acquire self-help skills such as dressing, cleaning up after meals and storing toys after playtime. They assume responsibility by washing hands, getting plates and silverware, pouring milk, putting lunch boxes away and using the bathroom.

Computer Skills

Developmentally appropriate software in every preschool classroom allows children to fuel literacy development and stimulate creativity. Even simple activities like choosing characters, picking games or choosing backgrounds helps your child make decisions.

Rest Time is Still Important

After lunch, bathroom and book time, napping is encouraged. Children who no longer nap may lie quietly on mats and read books. Children who are arriving during rest time may play quietly at the tables.

Pine Run Inter-Generational Program

Children's Village children enjoy a special learning experience with the nearby Doylestown-owned Pine Run retirement community. One afternoon a week, a small group of children get to ride on the exciting Pine Run trolley for a rewarding inter-generational program with Pine Run residents. Our students truly love these supervised adventures that consist of holiday celebrations, snacks, music and crafts. Our friendly senior neighbors welcome us weekly with open arms.

Learning is Fun

Children start indirectly learning letters, numbers, etc. with songs, dramatic play, stories and individual and group art experiences. "Choice time" allows your child to develop decision-making abilities. They plan which area of the room they would like to play in and follow through on their activity, encouraged by teachers.

To apply to our preschool program, please contact us today.

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