Doylestown Health is consistent with the COVID-19 recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

Doylestown Health supports continued proactive efforts to prevent an uncontrolled outbreak among our most vulnerable populations, including unvaccinated adults as well as children under 5 who are ineligible for vaccination at this time.

For more Doylestown Health COVID-19 information, visit our COVID-19 Update page.

Doylestown Health Travel Medicine Program

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The goal of the Travel Medicine Program is to safeguard your health so that you can make the most of your trip. Doylestown Health’s Travel Medicine team is happy to help get you on your way.

Why See a Travel Medicine Physician?

At least half of travelers to low- and middle-income countries become ill with a travel-related health problem, according to the CDC. A travel health consultation can help you learn about the risk of travel-related diseases and the steps that can be taken to prevent illness. Depending upon the destination, preventative malaria treatment and other immunizations may be required to protect from local infectious disease. Counseling on pathogens and altitude-related sicknesses may also help prevent travel health issues.

Who Can Benefit from a Doylestown Health Travel Medicine Consultation?

  • All travelers 16+
  • Travelers with chronic health conditions
  • Frequent travelers
  • Peace Corps, emergency aid volunteers and missionaries
  • Expatriates
  • Students studying abroad
  • Vacationers to developing countries
  • Travelers to high-altitude locations — such as ski trip destinations

Services Provided

  • Comprehensive pre- and post-travel assessments conducted by board-certified physicians
  • Prevention and risk-management strategies for those with chronic conditions
  • Administration of appropriate vaccines
  • Expertise in the management of a variety of tropical infections
  • Prescriptions and recommendations for over-the-counter remedies
  • Review of potential interactions between travel-related medications and a patient’s existing prescriptions
  • Destination-specific health and safety counseling, including COVID-related updates
  • A list of local healthcare providers used by the U.S. embassy in each country
  • Assessment of travel insurance needs

Doylestown Health recommends booking your travel health assessment four to six weeks before your trip to ensure adequate time for vaccination and other preparations. Please call 267.880.6975 to schedule your appointment.

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