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Well Baby Care

Baby Sleeping in a Crib | Doylestown Health

From birth to discharge your new baby will receive care from pediatricians and neonatologists affiliated with the premier Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). Our CHOP doctors are on site around the clock. They are not only available to provide routine care and assessments, but their expertise is called upon for parent consultations, to be present for births and to handle the unexpected emergent situations that may arise.

Upon birth, your baby is placed skin-to-skin and assessed for by your nurse. During recovery, parents and baby will become familiar with one another and baby will have the opportunity to initiate the first feeding while skin-to-skin.

During recovery before moving to your postpartum room, a nurse will perform a total assessment of baby including—weight, length and administration of routine newborn medications. Your baby will be properly identified with the use of bracelets that will match yours and you will receive a souvenir copy of the baby’s footprints.

Rooming-in with your baby is encouraged, but there are times when a baby requires well-baby nursery care. Doylestown Hospital will utilize the nursery when a procedure is necessary and based on the individual needs of the parents.

Before leaving the hospital, it will be necessary to have selected a care provider for baby. Follow up care with your baby’s doctor will be recommended upon discharge.

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