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Doylestown Health supports continued proactive efforts to prevent an uncontrolled outbreak among our most vulnerable populations, including unvaccinated adults as well as children under 5 who are ineligible for vaccination at this time.

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Childbirth and Parenting Classes

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Our educators have years of experience and enjoy connecting with and putting parents at ease. Our goal is to empower and educate parents, encouraging them to feel confident and less anxious. We are here to listen, answer questions and help guide parents on their journey. Our classes are listed below:

Virtual Open Forum

Come and learn about the VIA Maternity Center. Join us for an opportunity to connect with other families, ask questions and learn how to best prepare for labor, birth and your hospital stay. Even if you are just feeling isolated and need a little extra support and company. This forum will not provide medical advice. For any medical questions, we will direct you to contact your OB or midwife.

Prepared Childbirth 101: Three-part series

We will arm you with the tools you will need for labor, no matter your birth plan preference. Sessions will include preparing for your birth both mentally and physically. Learn the basics of the labor process and choices for pain management such as comfort measures and medications.

Prepared Childbirth 102

This class is for the parent who would like additional practice and tools to help prepare for a birth without medication. Prepared Childbirth 101 must be taken before attending Prepared Childbirth 102.


Learn from one of our lactation consultants about the many benefits of breastfeeding and how to get off to a good start. Class will include a discussion about milk supply, proper latch, positioning and more. Attending this class with your partner is encouraged.

Parenting and the Newborn: Two-part series

Welcoming a baby into the home comes with much joy, and at times, anxiety. Join our nurse educators, as they provide you with up-to-date information on how to safely care, feed, protect and comfort your newborn.

Postpartum and You: Healing After Baby

Learn all about postpartum life and how welcoming a new baby to your family brings an abundance of changes and challenges. Our educators will help you feel comfortable with what to expect in the hospital and how best to prepare for those early weeks and months at home with your new bundle of joy. Nothing is off the table to discuss – we’ll cover postpartum bodies, emotions, how best to navigate your relationships and more!

Healthy Eating and Meal Planning for Expectant Parents

In this class, a Doylestown Health nutrition expert will provide a few recipe ideas and discuss healthy eating during pregnancy. Topics include how food choices can impact the health of mother and baby, how to read nutrition labels, incorporate whole foods into your diet, important nutrients for pregnancy and breastfeeding, and more.


Come and learn the latest in newborn care, parenting styles, and baby safety to help the next generation grow up healthy and safe.


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