Doylestown Health is consistent with the COVID-19 recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

Doylestown Health supports continued proactive efforts to prevent an uncontrolled outbreak among our most vulnerable populations, including unvaccinated adults as well as children under 5 who are ineligible for vaccination at this time.

For more Doylestown Health COVID-19 information, visit our COVID-19 Update page.

Prenatal Care

Prenatal Care

Whether you choose an obstetrician or midwife, Doylestown Health provides many services that you may find helpful during your pregnancy. As soon as you think you are pregnant, find a provider you are comfortable with and schedule your visit. Doylestown Health also offers a Healthy Beginnings Plus program for women who qualify. Cord blood banking is an option parents may consider and plan for before the baby is born. To learn more visit Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood Foundation and talk with your healthcare provider.

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    Healthy Beginnings Plus

    Healthy Beginnings Plus is a comprehensive program providing maternity care and services for those that qualify.

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    Prenatal Testing Center

    Doylestown Health's Prenatal Testing Center provides testing and evaluation services to determine the health of your pregnancy prior to birth. Board certified perinatologists are available for consultation for genetic counseling, and care for high-risk pregnancies.

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