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Doylestown Health supports continued proactive efforts to prevent an uncontrolled outbreak among our most vulnerable populations, including unvaccinated adults as well as children under 5 who are ineligible for vaccination at this time.

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During your Stay

During your Stay | Doylestown Health

When a family chooses Doylestown Health to have a baby, we take our mission seriously. It is our belief that taking care of newborns and families helps to build a strong foundation for our community’s health and well-being. With your safety and comfort in mind, we continually adapt our care and services, so we can best meet the individual needs of our families.

What to Expect

  • All labor and postpartum rooms are private. Water therapy is a very effective tool to help with pain management and relaxation in labor. Using the shower while in labor is encouraged.
  • Latest fetal monitoring technology has wireless monitoring option to encourage movement in labor. Wireless monitoring can be used in the shower.
  • Anesthesia Services are available around the clock, including Anesthesiologists and Certified Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA). Anesthesiologists on staff at Doylestown Health are all highly skilled, attending physicians, with many years of experience.
  • Mother-Baby Couplet Care: For continuity of care, mother and baby will be cared for by the same nurse.
  • IBCLC Lactation Consultants are available seven days a week, including holidays and weekends .
  • Get Well Network:
    • Television service that offers a combination of cable TV, a selection of on-demand screening of movies along with an extensive selection of educational videos.
    • “Welcome to the VIA Maternity Center” and “Postpartum Discharge instructions” videos designed by our parent educators, provide you with information to reinforce the teachings you receive by your nurses.
    • The Newborn Channel: 24 hours a day, videos related to newborn care and parenting can be accessed online in the hospital or at home. Visit use the code 00903
  • Food Service: We are pleased to offer “At Your Request- Room Service Dining” for our patients. This innovative dining program allows you to select meals from a wide variety of foods designed to enhance your experience as though you were eating at a restaurant. The hospital has a few visitor dining options, including the availability of guest trays. Fresh Inspirations Café has guest tray vouchers for purchase.
  • Bella Baby Photography is available daily for a professional photo session done in the privacy of your postpartum room. You will have the option to purchase photo packages, although, there is no pressure for sales. Family and friends can view the photos on-line.
  • Baby Announcement: Upon transfer from the labor room to postpartum, you will have the opportunity to play the Brahms’s Lullaby. The music plays throughout the hospital, and everyone can share in your joy as we welcome a new baby into our community.
  • Free WiFi
  • Safety and Security
    • Your safety is of utmost importance to our staff during your stay. Our unit is locked, all doors of the VIA Maternity Center are alarmed, equipped with security cameras, and hospital security is on site and available around the clock. Before entering the Maternity Center, all who come to the door will speak to a member of our staff before allowing entrance. Only staff with the proper credentials have immediate access.
    • If there is a need to separate baby from parent, our staff will accompany your baby. Upon return to your room, staff will verify and confirm information on the baby and parent identification bracelets.
    • Having a strong integrated computer network enhances patient safety. This improves communication among clinical staff, along with providing safe administration of medications and patient care. Doylestown Hospital consistently is listed as one of the "Most Wired" hospitals by the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME).

Staff Testimonials

Living and working in the same community is a gift. Working with friends is a joy.
The community we create inside these walls for our patients and for each other is priceless.

Danielle M. – Nursing, 14 years of service
I am proud to say that I work in LDRP at Doylestown Health. We are a small but mighty Community Hospital that delivers top-notch care to our mothers and babies!
Stacie L. – Nursing, 18 years of service
I love how our staff works as a team, every day. We are there for our families and for each other.
Sheri D. – Nursing, 23 years of service
I am grateful for the privilege to work with the LDRP staff, that I also call my family! I enjoy the interactions and the friendships I build with the patients!
Sherine S. – Housekeeping, 13 years of service
I enjoy the interactions and the friendships I build with the patients!
I am grateful for the privilege to work with the LDRP staff, that I also call my family.

Janet K. – Nursing, 7 years of service
It is an honor to participate in such a special time in the lives of our patients and families. I love the uniqueness every pregnancy and delivery.
Krista H. – Nursing, 21 years of service
What I love about working in maternity at Doylestown Hospital is that there is a strong approach to providing family centered care. The staff is so nurturing and excited to help families welcome their new additions.
Erin W. – Patient Care Technician; 4 years of service

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