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Treatment Options

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Vein and Laser Treatment Options

The Vein and Laser Center's board-certified physicians use the latest procedures for treating venous disease. The center offers several advanced treatment options to relieve pain and reduce the appearance of bulging veins.

  • EndoVenous Laser Treatment

    EndoVenous Laser Treatment (EVLT®) is one of the latest varicose veins treatment option. This outpatient, minimally invasive procedure works by eliminating bulging veins at their source.

    Who is a candidate for EVLT®?

    Anyone who suffers from bulging and painful varicose veins should be evaluated to determine if EVLT is a suitable treatment.

    How does EVLT® work?

    A very small laser fiber is threaded into the vein. Energy from the laser closes the vein, causing the blood to divert to other, healthy veins. The procedure lasts about an hour and is performed without sedation, using local anesthesia.

    How much recovery time should I plan following EVLT®?

    You will be able to resume most normal daily activities immediately, with the exception of a few things like heavy lifting and vigorous aerobic workouts.

    Will my varicose veins totally disappear following EVLT®?

    In most cases, there will be a reduction in the discomfort and visibility of the varicose veins. Most patients will require sclerotherapy for a more dramatic cosmetic result.

  • ClariVein®

    The Vein & Laser Center offers Clarivein®, a simple and fast minimally-invasive option for the treatment of varicose veins using a specialty catheter.

    What is ClariVein®?

    Clarivein® is a specialty catheter with a unique rotating dispersion tip. Used for multiple applications, the system includes a 360 degree rotating tip that allows for well dispersed coverage of the vessel. Clarivein® promotes controlled, dispersed and effective coverage of a fluid medicine your doctor will choose to treat the peripheral vasculature.

    Use of the Clarivein® does not require painful anesthesia.

    What happens during the procedure?

    Once placed inside the peripheral vasculature using a pin-sized entry through the skin, the tiny rotating tip of the Clarivein® catheter is set in motion inside of the vessel. The medicine is delivered through the unique rotating tip of the catheter allowing for 360 degree coverage of the vessel.

    The procedure typically takes very little time and creates minimal discomfort.

    What happens after the procedure?

    Follow your doctor's instructions for care after your procedure.

  • Sclerotherapy

    The Vein & Laser Center offers sclerotherapy for patients with varicose veins who desire a dramatic cosmetic result. During sclerotherapy, a liquid "sclerosing" agent is injected directly into the visible vein, which causes the vein wall to swell, stick together, and seal shut. The vein eventually becomes fibrotic scar tissue, and in a few weeks it fades. Additional injections may be required to achieve the desired cosmetic result. Sclerotherapy causes minimal discomfort and anesthesia is not required. Unlike other centers, The Vein & Laser Center uses only FDA-approved sclerosing agents. In some cases, a foamed solution of these drugs may be used.

  • Surface Laser Treatment

    CoolGlide® surface laser treatment uses pulses of light energy to treat spider veins, with excellent results. This therapy can also eliminate small superficial facial veins without bruising. CoolGlide® works by specifically targeting the microvasculature of the skin—the smallest blood vessels and capillaries that tend to damage easily when they are too close to the skin's surface. No anesthesia is necessary and there is no downtime needed after treatment.

  • Ambulatory Phlebectomy

    To perform ambulatory phlebectomy, a local anesthetic fluid is injected into the area of varicose vein clusters. The doctor punctures the skin next to the varicose vein, inserts a small hook into the hole, grasps the vein and removes it. The area is covered with a compression bandage and/or compression stockings. No stitches are required, the scars are nearly imperceptible, and the patient is able to walk immediately following the procedure.

    • Financial Information

      Doylestown Health's Vein and Laser Center accepts most major insurances. Some vein procedures may be covered by your insurance. Please check with your carrier to confirm your personal coverage.

      Contact Vein & Laser Center

      For more information about the Vein & Laser Center or to schedule an appointment, please call 215.918.5849.

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