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Total Joint Replacement Surgery

Total Joint Replacement Surgery

Each year, millions of Americans suffer from pain and lose mobility due to joint damage. When other treatments have failed to bring relief, it could be time to consider replacing a worn-out joint with a new one. Although surgery is not recommended as the first option for treating joint pain, when the pain is severe and disabling, total joint replacement may be the answer.

Causes of Joint Pain

In most people, joint pain is caused by osteoarthritis. In this common form of arthritis, generally associated with aging, the cartilage cushion that protects bones in a joint breaks down and wears away. This allows the bones to rub together, causing pain and loss of motion. In most cases, total joint replacement - or arthroplasty - offers pain relief and allows patients to return to their normal activities.

Total joint replacement can give many patients back their daily lives; however, it is generally the last step in treatment when pain medications and lifestyle changes like weight loss and exercise to strengthen the muscles that support the damaged joints, aren't enough.

Types of Joint Replacement

The most commonly performed total joint procedures in the U.S. are total knee and total hip replacements. Although knee and hip replacement are the most common, joint replacement can also be performed on shoulders, elbows wrists, fingers and ankles.

The experienced surgeons, nurses and therapists at Doylestown Health's Orthopedic Institute work collaboratively to offer leading edge joint replacement care with a personal touch.

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Patient Resources

Good communication supports positive outcomes. Review our patient resources for information to help you prepare for your joint replacement procedure, including pre-surgical education for patients who cannot attend a live information session.

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