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Announcing the Doylestown Health Travel Medicine Program

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As the world emerges out of the pandemic, it's also opening up to countless travel possibilities. Before you do head back out into the wider world, consider consulting with a travel medicine specialist to get the most out of your trip. Doylestown Health has launched a travel medicine program to safeguard traveler health and help ensure a positive trip experience.

“A travel health consultation is not just for Peace Corps workers,” says Alyssa Wankewicz, MD, Doylestown Health infectious disease specialist. “Vacationers to developing countries also benefit from preventative medicine and education.” According to the CDC, at least half of travelers to low- and middle-income countries become ill with a travel-related health problem. Dr. Wankewicz adds, “It is also important for travelers with chronic health conditions or those visiting high-altitude locations ­— Denver, Colorado, for example — to talk to a travel medicine physician about strategies for traveling safely.”

The Pre-Travel Assessment

The Doylestown Health Travel Medicine’s board-certified infectious disease physicians offer comprehensive, customized pre-travel assessments. The visit includes a review of the traveler’s medical history and pre-existing conditions to mitigate travel health risks. The doctor will examine your trip itinerary to gauge the need for preventative medications, like malaria and traveler’s diarrhea prophylaxis, and counsel on local infections and how to properly prevent them.

The Post-Travel Assessment

Infectious disease specialist Michael Kimzey, DO, recommends post-travel assessments with Doylestown Health if there are health issues following travel. Dr. Kimzey explains that “Our travel medicine team sees patients post-travel who manifest symptoms such as fevers, rashes, gastrointestinal issues, or other travel-related health issues that general medicine doctors may not have experience with.”

Making an Appointment

It is recommended to book your travel health assessment four to six weeks before traveling to ensure adequate time for vaccination and other preparations. Visit our Travel Medicine page to learn more and book an appointment.

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