Celebrating our Nurses: You Make a Difference

Three Doylestown Health nurses

May is National Nurses Month.

As we move through the second year of a global pandemic, recognizing the outstanding contributions of Doylestown Health nurses takes on special importance, particularly with the 2021 theme, “You Make a Difference.”

“Our wonderful nurses always come through with excellent patient care even while navigating challenges none of us thought in a million years we would ever experience, says Vice President of Patient Services and Chief Nursing Officer Patti Stover.

“We are extremely grateful and proud of the dedication, compassion, professionalism and resilience Doylestown Health nurses have displayed throughout our healthcare system - whether at the hospital, in our Pine Run Community, in our physician offices, or in patients’ homes. The sacrifices they have made to protect the health of our patients and community have been truly inspirational,” says Jim Brexler, president and CEO.

Making a Difference

Nurses touch many lives within the community as well as Doylestown Health. “Even while immersed in the ongoing fight against COVID-19, our nurses maintained the highest quality of patient care,” says Patti. In fact, Doylestown Health consistently ranks above the national average in patient satisfaction, according to Press Ganey survey results.

Protecting our Patients

“It’s easy to see why nurses are highly regarded in our health system and community,” says Patti. "From the remarkable strength, expertise and personal sacrifice they have exhibited in the face of an unknown virus, to the way they consistently go above and beyond to protect staff and patients while treating them with the utmost kindness, we couldn’t be more proud.”

Doing what is Needed

Through the highs of seeing a patient recover and return home to the heartbreak of watching life slip away, Doylestown Health nurses did whatever was needed, whenever and wherever it was needed – all while facing exhaustion and the emotional toll of COVID-19.

They took on new roles, such as working in the hospital’s COVID tent, draped in personal protective equipment (PPE). They assessed patients in cars, put themselves at risk, sacrificed time with family and worked extra shifts. Many stayed overnight at the Doylestown Health “Inn,” a temporary housing site on the campus of Delaware Valley University.

Using their personal cell phones, nurses helped patients have virtual visits with loved ones when their family members could not enter the hospital.

And, as the pandemic continues to challenge us all, nurses are also playing a crucial role in vaccine distribution, supporting Doylestown Health’s leadership in providing over 60,000 immunizations and counting – more doses than any other health system in Bucks County.


“The commitment of our nurses to quality and safety is a critical component of the awards and recognition Doylestown Health receives,” says Vice President and Chief Medical Officer Scott Levy, MD. “Maintaining this level of excellence throughout a pandemic is impressive and much appreciated.”

Just this week, Doylestown Hospital received its tenth consecutive ‘A’ in the 2021 Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade, a national distinction recognizing the hospital’s achievements in protecting patients from harm and providing safer health care.


Along with special programs and treats for the nursing staff, Doylestown Health will also be recognizing excellence with scholarships including:

The Eleanor Wilson Excellence in Nursing Award

The Eleanor Wilson Excellence in Nursing Award was initiated in recognition of Doylestown Health’s former Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Eleanor Wilson upon her retirement after 23 years of exemplary service. Eleanor spearheaded many groundbreaking initiatives for the health system and her long-standing commitment to putting the patient first inspired the criteria used to determine recipients for the award.

Daisy Award

The first DAISY Award will be presented this month at Doylestown Health. An international recognition program, the DAISY Award started in memory of J. Patrick Barnes to express gratitude to nurses for outstanding, compassionate care. The program will honor one registered nurse each month. Winning nurses will receive a special pin and a hand-carved statue award. DAISY Award winners are also entitled to various scholarships.

Thanks for Making a Difference

Happy National Nurses Month to all nurses, especially the 747 registered nurses and 124 patient care techs of Doylestown Health, the unit clerks who are instrumental in the functioning of the departments and the patient companions who support the nursing staff by monitoring patients who cannot be alone.

You Make a Difference!

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