Doylestown Health Offers Innovative Technology to Improve Detection of Bladder Cancer

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Procedure places Doylestown Health at forefront of cancer care

Doylestown Health urologists have a powerful new tool for detecting and monitoring bladder cancers.

They started using Blue Light Cystoscopy with Cysview® this summer to more accurately detect non-muscle invasive bladder cancer.

“It has far exceeded our expectations,” says Doylestown Health urologist, Kevin Fitzgerald, MD. “It significantly improves bladder cancer detection rates.”

Bladder Cancer Basics

According to the American Cancer Society, bladder cancer is the sixth most common cancer. It is more common among men than women.

Cancers that are detected and treated early have less risk of becoming invasive. Approximately 75% bladder cancer patients will have their cancers recur. Improved detection of cancer ultimately results in fewer recurrences. The highest rate of recurrence is early after the initial diagnosis and treatment -- Blue Light Cystoscopy with Cysview is primarily used at the time of initial diagnosis and during the early surveillance period.

Doctors who suspect patients may have bladder cancer use cystoscopy to look inside the bladder to closely inspect the bladder lining for any abnormal growths or suspicious areas. Historically, cystoscopy was performed using only white light for visualizing suspicious lesions.

What Is Blue Light Cystoscopy with Cysview?

Blue Light Cystoscopy with Cysview is a technology that significantly improves the detection of bladder cancer compared to traditional white light cystoscopy alone. It is a hospital-based procedure that involves placing an FDA-approved, non-toxic fluid called Cysview into the bladder through a catheter about an hour before the procedure. During the procedure, the urologist first looks inside the bladder using white light, then switches to blue light mode. In blue light, Cysview makes the cancer cells glow bright pink, allowing the urologist to more easily identify and remove tumors. “It’s typically very obvious,” Dr. Fitzgerald says.

The technique is particularly helpful in detecting carcinoma in situ [CIS], an architecturally flat malignancy that has particularly high rates of both recurrence and progression. The clear visualization of pink through the cystoscope lets the doctor know exactly where to remove cells. Because the cancer is more visible, urologists can remove it more completely, thereby reducing subsequent recurrences.

“More comprehensive detection of all abnormal tissues permits more complete removal of all malignant cells,” says Dr. Fitzgerald.

The New Gold Standard

Blue Light Cystscopy with Cysview was first used in Europe more than a decade ago and is being increasingly adopted by leading medical centers in the U.S.

“It is now considered the standard of care for bladder cancer surveillance,” says Dr. Fitzgerald, noting its inclusion in best-practice guidelines from the American Urological Association.

Offering this technology at a community-based hospital like Doylestown Hospital gives patients access to leading-edge care close to home.

“Doylestown Health has consistently demonstrated a commitment to remain at the forefront of cancer care by investing in new and emerging technologies, enabling us to offer our patients the best possible care,” says Dr. Fitzgerald.

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