Hospice Care: Everlasting Memories

Joe Badome was a strong, proud, larger than life husband and father.

"He was an all-Italian man" says Joe's wife, Tracey, recalling how he cooked a big Italian Sunday dinner every week. Although he was a painting contractor by trade, Joe's most cherished role was as a family man who lived in service to his wife, their three children and new baby grandson, Lucas.

A Devastating Diagnosis

Despite his outgoing personality, Joe was also a private person who didn't share how poorly he was feeling. He resisted help, even as brain cancer stole the vitality from his body and his mind.

At age 51, Joe struggled with his desire to maintain normalcy, while at the same time fighting for his life. This became more difficult after two brain surgeries only months apart and the devastating news that the cancer, thought gone, had returned.

As his health began to decline, Tracey found it challenging to manage Joe's medications, the physical effects of his disease and his safety. "The stress took its toll on me," confesses Tracey.

A Special Bond

And then an "angel," Adrian Moser, a Doylestown Hospital Hospice nurse, came into the Badome home, and into their hearts, according to Tracey.

Joe resisted the idea of "hospice," but he grew to respect Adrian's knowledge as a healthcare professional and was charmed by her sweet and kind manner. "Joe loved Adrian and did anything she asked him to do," recalls Tracey.

Tracey chuckles at remembering the day Joe insisted on coming down the stairs on his own, against doctor's orders, only to make his way back up the stairs as quickly as he could when he was told that Adrian was on her way.

"I had a special bond with Joe and his family," says Adrian. "Joe was a gift, the most selfless man I have ever met."

Supportive End-of-life Care

Adrian credits the trust that was built between her, Joe and his family as the foundation of their relationship, and knows that hospice was the perfect fit for this family. Having Joe's last weeks spent in the privacy of their home gave the family an opportunity to say goodbye on their own terms – and will be an experience that will help them cope with the enormous loss in the future.

Per Joe's wishes, Adrian was present with the family on the day he passed.

Tracey urges families with loved ones facing end-of-life challenges to consider hospice, which she feels benefits the family as much as the patient. Tracey credits Adrian with helping her cope when so much was happening to Joe physically and mentally that she didn't understand, and for making the ordeal easier by being completely available to answer questions, day or night.

"I don't know what I would have done without Adrian," confides Tracey. Adrian shares the sentiment, saying that she is grateful for the life lessons Joe taught her. She adds that in her heart, "Joe's memory is everlasting."


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