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SCOUT® Breast Tumor Removal Technology Now Available

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Doylestown Health’s Women’s Diagnostic Center is now offering the FDA-approved SCOUT® wire-free technology* to enhance patient comfort and improve the overall surgical experience for breast tumor removal, according to Women’s Diagnostic Center Clinical Manager Susan DeLuca.

“The SCOUT® technology has been well received by the physicians, technologists and most of all, our patients,” says Susan.

“The traditional removal of non-palpable (unfelt) cancerous tumors or non-cancerous breast abnormalities requires a two-step process on the day of surgery,” says Women’s Diagnostic Center Medical Director Michele Kopach, MD. “Before SCOUT®, the patient would come two or three hours early for surgery for a wire localization procedure. The radiologist would insert a needle into the breast lesion location. Then a wire would be inserted through the needle. The needle was removed, leaving the wire protruding from the skin to mark the spot.” There is a level of patient discomfort with this procedure because: the other end of the wire is sticking out of their skin, they must restrict movement to avoid displacing this wire, and they may have to wait several hours for step two, the surgery.

SCOUT® Wire-Free Radar Localization

Surgeon and Medical Director of Doylestown Health’s Breast Cancer Program Donna Angotti, MD, explains that the SCOUT® device can be inserted into the breast days before:

“Using ultrasound or a mammogram for guidance, the area to be localized in the breast is anesthetized and a needle is placed in the precise location. A reflector smaller than a grain of rice is placed through a needle, and then the needle is removed. A steri-strip is used to cover the skin and the patient is free to go.

On the day of surgery, there is a cylindrical probe used on the skin and inside the breast to locate the sensor. This is a radiation-free procedure, done using soundwaves. The targeted area is removed, and the specimen is x-rayed to confirm removal of the intended area.”

The SCOUT® Advantage

“Almost all patients who have breast lesions requiring surgical removal can benefit from this technique,” says Dr. Angotti. In addition to avoiding the discomfort of wire localization and the wait time on the day of surgery, SCOUT® precision limits the amount of healthy breast tissue removed, resulting in a less painful, quicker recovery and better cosmetic results.

Patient Story

A patient who had been treated for breast cancer elsewhere many years ago came to Doylestown Health with breast cancer on the opposite side. After experiencing SCOUT® localization and surgery with Dr. Angotti, she reported that it was “a world of difference” from her past procedure. She was extremely satisfied with her comfort level and how much sooner she was able to go home that day.

For more information, please call: 215-918-5960.

*Formerly known as Savi-SCOUT®

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