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Doylestown Health Hospice has touched the lives of patients, families, caregivers and our associates; hear how we have played a role in their lives below.

Family and Caregivers

"I love each and every one of you. Everybody hugs me, the nurses, the chaplain, the social worker, the aide, everybody. It's all love."

- Carmella D.

"Thank you so much for the care that you gave to my dad and all of our family through his illness until his passing. I always felt that you knew the very essence of my dad as the gentle, kind man that he was. You were truly a comfort to us all, and you will always have a special place in my heart."

- Sharon S.

"Your comforting professionalism and care was touching. I am forever grateful to our hospice angels. We couldn't have managed with you."

- Suzanne P.


"I have been a volunteer for many years. In that time I have been richly blessed by the patients and their families. Each story is different. Each story reflects a lifetime of love and experience from which we can draw strength and courage for our own lives."

- Lee A.

"Working for Doylestown Health Hospice has been a rewarding and delightful experience for me. Being welcomed into someone’s home to comfort and serve them during a vulnerable time in their lives is a privilege we Volunteers are very sensible of and sensitive to. Some patients want a close, human connection and some want to remain quiet, just knowing a caring person is nearby. We are both prepared and glad to provide those needs to our community."

- Joanne E.

"Our presence and help as Volunteers engage us with the family as well as the patient. Relationships develop that are enduring."

- Cathy D.

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