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Sleep Medicine

Accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine to ensure the highest quality of care, Doylestown Health's Sleep Center provides a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic options for patients suffering from sleep disorders.

A sleep disorder – a disruption or disturbance in getting a good night's sleep – can affect an individual’s overall health and safety, and impact quality of life.

Doylestown Health's Sleep Center is a one-stop shop for patients suffering from a sleep disorder. Our team provides an evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and management plan for sleep disorders, all in one place.

Our certified team of sleep specialists provides sleep studies using intricate sleep laboratories, and provides treatment options for a variety of sleep disorders, including complex treatment for sleep apnea.

Sleep Specialists and Team

Sleep Specialist and Team

Doylestown Health’s highly skilled and experienced team of certified sleep specialists diagnose and treat a wide spectrum of sleep disorders.

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Sleep Disorders

Sleep Disorders

There are more than 80 different sleep disorders, ranging from restless legs syndrome to sleep apnea. Learn more about the various types of sleep disorders, including diagnosis and treatment.

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Sleep Disorder Treatments

Sleep Disorder Treatments

Doylestown Health sleep specialists take a multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of sleep disorders, working with various disciplines to create a customized treatment plan for each patient.

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Find a Sleep Specialist

Find a sleep specialist or call 800-298-3171 (Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.) to speak with a referral counselor.

Find a Sleep Specialist

Call 800-298-3171

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