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Doylestown Health supports continued proactive efforts to prevent an uncontrolled outbreak among our most vulnerable populations, including unvaccinated adults as well as children who are ineligible for vaccination at this time.

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Financial Assistance Program

Financial Assistance Program

Doylestown Hospital recognizes that patients and their families may need assistance in paying for services received due to insurance coverage or no insurance. If you do not have health insurance or are worried that your insurance may not cover your hospital bill in full, Doylestown Hospital is able to help guide you to financial assistance resources available.

State and Federal Medical Assistance Programs

If your income falls within the published federal poverty guidelines, you may be eligible for free healthcare insurance under a variety of different programs such as Medicaid and CHIP. The Patient Financial Services office at Doylestown Hospital has all of the forms you need with counselors available to help you complete the applications. Forms are also available online or by contacting the Pennsylvania Dept. of Public Welfare Helpline at 800.692.7462.

Ann Silverman Community Health Clinic

If you meet certain income requirements, you may qualify for free medical care, dental care and prescription medications through the Ann Silverman Community Health Clinic. The clinic provides care for eligible patients through the volunteer efforts and financial support of numerous healthcare providers, community members and Doylestown Hospital. Visit the Ann Silverman Community Health Clinic or call 215.345.2260 for more information.

HealthLink Medical Center

Bucks and Montgomery counties offers the HealthLink Medical Center; located in Upper Southampton. HealthLink serves working, uninsured adults over 18 and provides primary medical and dental care through a network of volunteer healthcare providers. To find out if you qualify, visit HealthLink Medical Center or call 215.364.4247.

Additional Financial Assistance Options

If you do not qualify for any of the free healthcare services listed above, there may be additional options to assist with your healthcare costs. Financial counselors are available to help you determine the available payment options for the hospital portion of your bill. Special financing programs, sliding scale fees and charity care may also be available to those who qualify. For more information contact the Patient Billing and Financial Services at 215.345.2198.

Download the Doylestown Hospital Financial Assistance Full Policy

Download the Doylestown Hospital Plain Language version of our Financial Assistance Policy

Download the Doylestown Hospital Financial Assistance Application

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I call for help?

If you are uncertain of your ability to pay all or a portion of your hospital bill, you may contact Patient Billing and Financial Services at 215.345.2198 to speak with a financial counselor. The counselor will assist you in determining if you qualify for financial assistance or if there are programs available that can help pay or reduce your balance.

What can I do to help speed up the process?

You can help expedite the application process if you have the following documents and information available at the time of your call:

  • Current pay stub
  • Last filed income tax return
  • Additional income information
  • Pension/investment information

What happens after I apply for assistance?

A financial counselor will work with you to review the documentation provided to determine your eligibility, they will then assist you in completing any required applications for financial assistance. Once the application is complete, a financial counselor will contact you about the outcome of the application.

Where can I find the Patient Billing and Financial Services office?

The Patient Billing and Financial Services office is located on the ground floor below the main lobby of the hospital. To get to the office enter the main lobby and proceed straight to the elevators located on the left, past the Well Bean coffee cart. Take the elevator down to the ground floor and exit the elevator. Once on the ground floor turn left and then left again at the next hallway. The Patient Billing and Financial Services office will be directly in front of you.

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