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Healow App

Healow App

Healow is a free app that allows patients to stay connected to their physician's office and view their health record anytime, anywhere from a mobile device or tablet. Features of the app include:

  • Access to medical records
  • Ability to view upcoming appointments
  • Review physicians notes
  • Refill requests
  • Attain lab results
  • Secure messaging

To activate the app, enrollment in the practice patient portal is required. Please see below.

Enroll in Your Practice Patient Portal

Contact your physician's office post visit and request access to your practice patient portal. A link will be sent to your email address, granting you access.

The link will take you through the necessary steps to set up your account. Your log-in information when setting up the portal will be used to connect the healow app with your portal. Upon completion of the steps and once the portal is activated, you will be able to successfully download the healow app and view your personal medical chart.

If you already have a practice patient portal account, you will be able to activate the healow app using your portal log-in credentials.

If you have questions about your practice patient portal or are having trouble accessing your account, please call your doctor's office for assistance. Please note that medical records in the practice patient portal are separate from medical records in a hospital patient portal.

Activate the Healow App

Once you have created your practice patient portal account, please follow the below steps for downloading and activating the healow app: 

  1. Download the healow app from the Apple or Google App store.
  2. Enter Doylestown Health's practice code: IGCGAD
  3. Once you locate your Doylestown Health physician practice, you will be asked to enter in your patient portal username and password.
  4. Select a unique pin for secure, easy access to your information.

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