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About the Cancer Risk and Genetics Program

About the Cancer Risk and Genetics Program

Cancer risk and genetics services are specifically designed for individuals who want information about their personal risk for cancer. Our goal is to provide early detection and prevention of cancer in our patients and at-risk family members.

Cancer Risk and Genetics Program Team

The multidisciplinary Cancer Risk and Genetics Program team is available to:

  • Talk with you about your personal concerns.
  • Review your family history, medical history and lifestyle risk factors.
  • Help you understand the risk factors involved.
  • Discuss genetic testing and assist in your decision about this option.
  • Evaluate your eligibility to participate in research studies.
  • Outline a plan for continued monitoring to protect your health.
  • Provide information for those individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer and want to know about the role of genetics in their diagnosis.
  • Provide a written summary of your risk level.

What to Expect at Your Evaluation

Prior to Your First Appointment

You will receive family history and risk questionnaires. These forms provide your genetic counselor with important information and help tailor your appointments to your personal situation.

At Your First Appointment

You will meet with a licensed, board-certified genetic counselor to review information about you and your family tree, and learn about cancer risk factors including how genes and family history can affect your level of risk.

Genetic testing is offered to individuals with personal or strong family histories of cancer to help determine the chance they will develop cancer. Our program provides education and counseling about the benefits and limitations of the tests to help you make the right decision. Your results will be part of the detailed discussion at your second visit.

At Your Second Appointment

You will meet with our Cancer Risk and Genetics Program physician and genetic counselor to receive any additional examinations needed and learn the results of your cancer risk assessment. We will also discuss a plan to carefully monitor your health based on your level of risk, which may include a schedule of physical exams or other specialized testing, like periodic mammograms. You may be referred to other specialists based on your situation. There will be plenty of time for questions during the session.

To schedule an appointment with a genetic counselor, please call 267.885.1864.

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