5 Healthy Non-food Rewards for Kids

little girl and mom high-fiving

Rewarding your child for a job well done can resort in giving them candy or sweets, reinforcing that these unhealthy foods are a "treat." It can be tempting for a parent to grab a lollipop out of a drawer, but the next time you reward your child, try one of these healthy alternatives.

Extra play time outside

Children usually love running around outside, playing chalk and hanging out with neighborhood friends. A great reward for children is giving them extra play time outside. Even if it's 10 minutes extra, they will be happy to realize that they are getting rewarded!

Have a sleepover with a friend or two

A great reward for a child is letting them have a sleepover with a friend or two! Rewarding a child with a sleepover will make them feel special and have them asking non-stop when their friend will be over! This is a great alternative when it's too cold for extra outside playtime.

Family game night

As technology seems to be taking over our everyday lives, it seems that playing board games is a thing of the past. Although playing games on electronics can fun, there is nothing like playing a board game together as a family. Reward your child by letting them pick what game the family will play. Lots of board games are educational, so your child will have the fun of playing a game, enjoy bonding time as a family, and may learn something at the same time.

Take your child on a day trip

Going to a museum or park is a great reward for your child. Museums can be hands-on and educational for children. Taking your child to the park for the day to kayak or play with friends is a great reward, as well!

Have a prize bin

When you would like to reward your child for an accomplishment, you can let them choose from a variety of prizes you keep on hand. A few examples of prizes are coloring books, stickers, chalk and bubbles. All of these are suggestions to occupy children and keep them busy by rewarding them in a healthy way.

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